Trek Dual Sport+ Video Review – $3.6k Hybrid Electric Bike for Commuting & Light Trail

Trek Dual Sport+ Video Review – $3.6k Hybrid Electric Bike for Commuting & Light Trail The Trek Dual Sport+ is a versatile electric bike that’s efficient on road but capable of light trail riding as well, puncture resistant tires with tight knobby tread offer traction, stability, and a bit of comfort due to increased air volume. Durable spring suspension fork provides 63mm of travel with preload and lockout adjust, hydraulic disc brakes require less hand effort to pull and the lever reach can be changed to accommodate different sized hands. Very nice 10-speed drivetrain with wide 11-42 tooth cassette, the derailleur has an adjustable clutch that reduces chain bounce and drops, alloy chainring guard protects your pants or dress, custom pedals are grippy and highly reflective. Bright headlight with side windows for increased visibility, it’s mounted high and points where you steer, backlight provides 11-LED’s but could get blocked by long shirts or jackets that hang down, lots of provisions for adding bottles, locks, fenders, and a rear rack, priced high because of the quality parts, dealer network, multiple sizes, and great warranty. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Im glad the manufacturers are integrating the battery into the frame more and more. I like it when an ebike looks like a bike and not an "ebike". Better for theft protection too.

  2. awesome content im having chemo for the last 5 years so e bikes are awesome keep this going helps me wen going through very low times im using a carrera vulcan kindley gave to me by my employres halfods can you do a reveiw 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

  3. for $3600 why wouldn’t u just buy a motorcycle & get there way faster

  4. Just ordered his and hers of this bike. Super review, very detailed, thank you.

  5. What鈥檚 the difference between a normal bike tho?

  6. Great review. Wish it had a suspension seat post, with the light on the post. Not sure why so many bike designers go all out with sprung forks… and then just cover their eyes when thinking about the back.

  7. Whit this review i am more convisted to buy a treek with bosh motor than giant with yamaha motor. Bosh motor look like they are more reliable

  8. For 3600 you would think trek would put some fenders on.. I can see getting sprayed with mud and water

  9. Universal Vibes TV November 28, 2020 @ 7:46 pm

    Lovin’ the walk mode.

  10. I would really like if Trek would make some of their offerings in this category with an optional speed motor upgrade. They had one in their hybrid bike (Trek Police Electric), however, is not available to the public. Great bike and well researched video! Rock on…

  11. Can you charge the battery away from the bike? I’d like to put the bike in a locker at work and take the battery inside to charge.

  12. I’m looking at this bike and it happened to be sold out in SoCal. Bike shops told me to wait for the 2020 model. This review has definitely helped. But, how does this stack up in quality to Sondor XS bike?

  13. interesting, i’m not too ‘convinced’ on the power tube concept just yet…when choosing an ebike was either a yamaha haibike sduro 1 or a bosch with a powertube..didn’t like the idea of the drop out remove design of the went with a yamaha with a standard ‘pack’ design.

  14. 27 fucking minutes to get to him riding the bike

  15. Is Powerfly 5 the same as this one? They look very similar to me.

  16. Just purchase a D/P+ during the Trek sale. In taking to the dealer about the walk mode he said he didn鈥檛 think it could be added. Does anyone know for sure one way or the other can the walk mode added to the bike. An interested 72 year old would like to know. Court thanks for all your work. You were instrumental in me buying an electric bike.

  17. What an amazing review. That you dude. I will be buying a bike from Trek soon.

  18. Looks like a good basic ebike. Good review.

  19. The sad thing is that this cost near the same as a Honda Scooter xD.

  20. Don Scott Macdonald November 28, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

    Pricing? Maybe I missed it in your review. (I’ll take a guess, about $3k).

  21. I got one of theses last week. I added fenders and a rack. I also added a rear light. If I make use of the rack I block the seat light. Also if you want to change out the seat, you don’t have the rear light. To me the integrated seat light creates more problems than It solves. I got the step through model because even the small standard frame’s step over hight too high for my short legs. My other fuss about the bike is I’m 71 and I run out of pedal in high gear on relative flat surfaces with assist turned off. I’m wondering if a larger gear up front say 40 tooth would help that and would it make the "low gear" too low. Over all I love the bike and no bike is ever going to be perfect. Also on the production model they have upgraded the grips to a more ergonomic one. The flat pedals are great. The Bosh Active Line plus provides plenty of power for the kind of riding I do, but I wish it had more range. Buying a second battery is costly, $800.00+ costly. My walk button does not seem to work. I wonder if Bosh is still disabling them in the US>

  22. An aesthetically pleasing bike, nice review as always Court.

  23. Sweetheart you don’t WANT to have to secure battery indoors to prevent it from getting into bike but rather require key to assemble. Wait till your kids are older and have friends and appreciate lack of temptation.

    HOWEVER. A total of a kwh for 4k is not gonna stop 3rd pack purchase for those whose patronage MATTER. What carrying a fast charged backpack charger does for spare is allow you to always have a fully charged proprietary replacement on your back and be ABLE to connect backpack to almost any fat energy port in public aka CAR infrastructure in seconds even only! I am pushing hard for such backpacks to flame into our world quickly worldwide. Some locations have turbine generated air and if a scuba shop chain was in chapter 11 I would buy it lock stock and barrel if it gave me a way of refilling backpack draped energy vessels to re-electron Bosch etc qaint chemical sacks while riding quietly (like the second ‘one’ in upgraded (still under a hundred for whole QUEEN or larger even) mattress!l airbeds duh) nationwide.

    Carrying a gallon or two of 10k psi air on our backs DRIVEN LIKE GASOLINE INTO A CAR. Tin crap not even called as in NASCAR talk FUEL CELL but for us better then carbon fiber ultralight swelling delightfully like our moms juicy glands envelopes to power charger is the classic no brainer but to be safe COPYLEFT ‘2019’

  24. Comprehensive and thorough review, 馃嵒 馃憦

  25. You better watch out, or EBR will call you out!

  26. Fancy a Bev Mate? November 28, 2020 @ 8:07 pm

    Won’t be able to get the flyon from haibike court 馃檨 my good lady went ballistic when I told her it was 拢4500! Opps so it’s a scott sub sport 10 at least until the prices drop oh well still a nice ride just no pedal assist!

  27. 1:16 A standard hardtail frame without a lowered top tube is needed for us heavier riders… Thanks Trek for keeping this triangulated frame strong!

  28. This was a really useful review, and helped me make up my mind about purchasing the Trek Sport. I’ve had it for about a month now, and have covered a LOT of miles! I’d mention it is a heavy bike (if you have to take it up and down stairs), but once the motor’s working you glide along as if the wind was at your back. In the UK, the law only allows peddle assist up to 15.5 mph. This was annoying, as my natural cycling speed is about 20-24 mph. Once the assist stops, or if you stop peddling, it can feel as though the brakes have been put on. It’s not really a massive issue, and I started to adjust the way I rode, to get the most out of the bike. However, I live in Bristol, which is very hilly, so I did some research and have fitted a little gizmo to the motor (very easy to do), and now I’m pretty much unlimited. Because of the gearing, you couldn’t go much faster than 30 -35 mph. In the US the assist is up to 20 mph (?) so probably don’t need to worry about adding any extras.

  29. I麓ve been playing with the excellent Bosch ebike range calculator, and I麓d like to report the TREMENDOUS difference (in range) the Active Line Plus offers vs the Performance Line CX:

    110Kg weight (rider+panniers) at 75rpm, using the Powertube 500. Riding at 20Km/h solely in Tour mode (All other settings default):

    – Active Line Plus: 104.9 Km
    – Performance Line CX: 77 Km

    That is, roughly 28 Km more, or a 136% range, while using the SAME powerpack. An extremely understated feature about the Active Line, IMO.

  30. Very informative, excellent review. Now know which ebike to buy! Thanks!

  31. Can anyone help me?
    Im looking for a bike that i can switch between electric and manual pedaling so that when i get tired after pedaling i can switch to electric and take a break

  32. Interesting how much whine you hear while riding, I think that would be annoying after a few miles

  33. Can some 1 tell me will this work using a Schumacher 1000 watt inverter with a 860 cold cranking amps and up to keep the e bike portable charged ?? what about using a Schumacher battery charger portable power station or a ever start jump starter 1200A will it still keep the e bike charged at the same time while riding at the same time ??? And you can get all of these parts from Wal Mart or AutoZone or Harbor Freight Tools ??

  34. Trek has outdone themselves on the design. Great job! Perfect for use in today’s pothole filled urban conditions.

  35. This is great! But now I second guessing a bike I was just gonna buy lol

  36. I haven’t watched this yet but I was looking for this very video earlier today.

  37. What a terrific review. Thanks man

  38. Trek needs to make throttle ebikes !

  39. Terrific review. Very informative. Helped me a lot with my understanding of electric bikes. I like the way you show how things are done like removing the battery and switching the display. Looks like a fantastic bike.

  40. I actually like it, since I麓m into bike travelling. The possibility of front and rear panniers, two water bottles, 28" wheels, and a motor not designed for performance, makes this a very capable bike for traveling. Add a thudbuster in there, get an actually comfortable saddle, and replace the incomprehensible, horryfing display with the Intuvia, and you can even do the Camino de Santiago like the King of Spain… 馃榾 I would麓ve preferred a second chain ring to maximize climbing ability/conserve battery. And the possibility to carry two water bottles is nice, but the ability to mount a secondary 500Wh battery on top of the main one (in the way Haibike does) would麓ve been magnificent.

  41. A quick comment on the kick stand. Maybe I’ve misunderstood your point here and elsewhere but it should lean the bike in the stand’s direction, that establishes more stability. If it positions the bike directly upright it will be less stable and more easily tip over.

  42. Why are we still seeing Purion instead of the Kioxx display?

  43. I just bought the first generation Trek Dual Sport Plus with a 17 and a half inch frame size and I’m glad that I got this model rather than the new model. I prefer the nice large display of the Shimano system. I also like the battery removal procedure compared to the new model. For me the quick release leavers are essential so that pleases me as well. The battery having the frame side built on to the side makes me very wary of scratching it so the first model which I have give me more peace of mind when it is removed. The first thing I did was put on a suspension post which does not seem to be an easy thing to do with a new model from what I understand, also I switched over the seat to a more comfortable Bontrager design with a memory foam seat pad. So switching over either of those two things on the new model is a bit of a chore. I prefer the flat black design of the paint and the red chevrons on the fork and frame of the first generation rather than the gloss black on this new one. All in all I am very happy with mine and I have no regrets or envious feelings after seeing the new model review. I have outfitted mine with bar ends with foam grips on them and handlebars so I’ve had to move by controls for brakes and the computer all in board a few inches which is not a problem. I have outfitted mine with a triple super powerful headlight that is designed to go on your head but I mounted on to the center part of the handlebars with black heavy duty zip ties. It’s a high-power headlight system that I got on Amazon for $25 which is rechargeable with it’s own lithium batteries and it’s adjustable on-the-fly. And I have put a tail light on which is solar powered placed on the seat suspension post tube. For me it’s preferable to put my own lights on that are powered by themselves. And since I have the smallest frame size that’s not a problem either when it comes to using a water cage because I have bought the specialized swivel system that allows me to put my water bottle in from either side or traditionally and I have cut off the little stay that prevents the water bottle from sliding down so that my water bottle now rest on the frame. Since I use an aluminum double jacket water bottle I bought some circular adhesive foam pads and stuck them to the bottom of my metal water bottles. So now I can use a full size water bottle that will fit easily in that small frame size. Of course I bought flat plastic fenders that have the same matte finish as the bike and I have customized the bottom part of the rear fender so that no debris touches the bike frame at all. I also utilized a knee pad that is used for either gardening or construction and I cut off the straps and I used one Heavy Duty black zip tie 2 cover the front part of the motor and it also prevents any debris or in my case since I live in Canada (salt dust) from striking my chain and chain ring and it fits absolutely perfectly with no rubbing against the chain and just a few millimeters of clearance. So doing that I have protected my chain and protected the motor both at the same time and quite honestly it does not look very much out of place it fits snug and contoured itself to the frame and I can remove it at any time very easily. The only thing left for me to do on the bike is to put on an adjustable stem to give me a more upright riding position. I was going to swap out the tires for more road oriented tires but since they already have 80 psi already, I’m content with that. I have absolutely no Envy over the new model I prefer the large screen my flat black finish and the first generation battery packs rather than this new one. And just in case anybody is wondering whether they can defeat the governor system which allows me to only reach 32 km per hour under power well if you go to your settings and readjust the wheel size so that the computer will not detect the actual speed you’re going then you can probably go much faster under Electric Power the only thing is is that you will not have the proper calculations of speed, distance, range Etc. It’s not something that I intend to do but it’s nice to know that I can do it until I can learn another way.

  44. Vaughn Macdonald November 28, 2020 @ 8:34 pm

    Hmmm very Specialized like.

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