Trek Dual Sport+ Video Review – $3k Lightweight Trail Commuter Electric Bike

Trek Dual Sport+ Video Review – $3k Lightweight Trail Commuter Electric Bike The Trek Dual Sport+ is a lightweight, trail-capable, hybrid commuter electric bike, the larger 700c wheelset provides efficient rolling momentum and lower attack angle to smooth out cracks and bumps. Shimano STePs mid-drive is responsive, less power hungry than competing products, and relatively quiet, The chainring has a guide to reduce drops and keep your pants clean. Excellent Shimano Deore XT 10-speed drivetrain with Shadow Plus clutch to reduce chain bounce and noise, decent Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with average 160 mm rotors. Removable battery, display panel, and quick release wheels make the Dual Sport+ easy to transport, store, and service but the charger requires a dongle adapter. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. *This is the best bike✳✳>**І73**     I got this for my girlfriend and got a bigger one for me. She loves it.*

  2. So I just bought this bike a month-and-a-half ago and I can tell you that that button with the headlight printed on it is to turn on the light on the display so you can see it better at night. And it is adjustable for contrast & brightness for evening riding or daylight riding. I would rather not have lights running off the battery so I installed my own rechargeable lights with Lithium-ion batteries. It has three levels of brightness and a strobe mode and is extremely bright. The tail light is solar powered for now but I do have a strobe tail light that I may consider putting on because it lasts so long and is intensely bright. I will be posting the bike on my channel with all the other features I have added on as soon as the sun decides to come out this week.

  3. My Wife and I tested both the Bosch and Shimano trading back and forth. I really felt the Shimano was much stronger at takeoff from a stop.I was going to ask if Shimano made a high speed – but you answered that.Thanks ,

  4. jedes deiner videos der selbe scheiß

  5. Nice bike ! tfs!

  6. Can you do a review of the bikes from Lithium Cycles (Super 73)? Love your videos man!

  7. Thanks Stephanie!

  8. capable

    maybe restating your height every so often will provide a better sense of sizing and proportions of the bike being reviewed

    always professional

    and detailed

    and appreciated

  9. FYI 700c wheels are the same diameter as 29". I’ve put 700c tires on 29"wheels with absolutely no issues.

  10. I hate when you talk like everyone is rich and can afford a 8,000 dollar bike, which is an absurd amount of money for a bike.

  11. 1800$ in Sweden, merida espresso 600 almost the same bike. Asian produced.

  12. hey court i just bought a dual sport 1st e-bike so thanks for all the reviews i think for what i can afford this is giving me more bang for my buck and looks good and well made

  13. Anotha One!

  14. if i remember correctly the bosch mid drive has something like 2:1 gearing so the electric motor is more efficient, wouldn’t that make the range way better on a bosch mid drive vs this shimano with a similar battery and amp/hour rating? or does that affect the reaction speed of the motor or the peak power more?

  15. Every trek bike ever made is overpriced except for their touring bike , trek 920. Trek makes great bikes. Just not a lot of bang for the buck.

  16. Hello. I need a new battery charger. Trek don’t have it. Would you know another way?

  17. are you going to review that 8s

  18. Good looking bike

  19. These guy’s must be very rich, because I personally think $ 3,000 for a bike is quite a bit.

  20. This is my bike. Check out my 3000km review and custom features on my channel.

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