Trek Lift+ Lowstep Video Review – $2.8k Quality Mid-Drive Cruiser Ebike, Sturdy Frame

Trek Lift+ Lowstep Video Review – $2.8k Quality Mid-Drive Cruiser Ebike, Sturdy Frame The Trek Lift+ Lowstep is a comfortable, low-step, cruiser style electric bike with balanced motor and battery position, multiple fun color choices, and several sizes (also available in high-step). Nicer 10-speed drivetrain with clutch for reducing chain bounce and slap, easy to pull hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable-reach levers, reinforced wheelset. Some step-thru frames can flex but Trek reinforced this one to be stiff and sturdy, the foot-forward geometry, plush saddle, swept-back bars, ergonomic grips, and adjustable angle stem improve comfort and create a relaxed body position. Priced higher because of the nicer drive system and components plus dealer support and warranty, can feel a little uncomfortable on bumpy terrain because there’s no suspension, smaller display isn’t as easy to read. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. cool video, good to hear about securing the bike and all it’s bits too.

  2. Hi Court .. I am a 40 year old, 6’3" male. I like this bike.. I like the multiple adjust-ability of the front stem. I prefer a MUCH more upright riding position.. which this would give me. (i.e also shorter top tube lets you right upright).. It is SUPER important to have the ability to adjust a bike for a comfortable ride. I CANNOT believe how few bikes (especially trail/mountain bikes – which i want) offer an adjustable front stem like this bike has. But I don’t care some much for the swept back handle bars. Ride comfort is EXTREMELY important to me. This bike needs an shock absorbing seat post, front shock forks and a bit fatter tires (for a smoother ride).. before I can buy this bike..

  3. Thinking about getting this bike. Test road it around the lot at our LBS yesterday, fell in love, but I’m nervous about taking it on dirt trails and offroad. How do you think it will fair on those in your professional opinion?

  4. I will never buy a bike that does not have front suspension.

  5. Looks comfortable

  6. We sell these bikes at our store. For the consumer they are “Rock Stars”. Yes, they are basic bikes but we have customers with over 8k miles on them with no issues. Good bike to sell because you feel confident that they are trouble free bikes. And I agree about the lack of water bottle bosses .
    Good review

  7. I purchased a Trek Lift + demo and I really like it. 700 miles in 3 month so I ride a lot. Very stable even when loaded. It is a game changer. It fits my main of exercise and carrying a moderate amount of groceries. Although expensive, well made. PLUSES, Comfortable, upright riding position, I call it the wind cheater, slices through Florida winds like they don’t exist. Climbs hills easily. Efficient, good range even in high mode. Eco Normal, High, even has a walk assist when loaded, and off. Good torque, just right for road riding and light off road riding. Easy learning curve and I like the STEPS display easy to read and removable. I go farther, 20 to 50 miles get an excellent workout while doing my errands. I have customized mine with fenders, racks on front and rear. Saddle bags rear and sometimes on the front rack. Bottle cage on the handle bar forward facing on the front side of the handle bar (safety and much easier to access), bell good to alert runners, walkers and bicyclists) a very cool speaker from citizen bikes on the other side of the handle bars and a mirror. Lights front and rear. It has a derailleur with TEN rear gears, very good range from low easy to high harder to pedal. I like the quick shift easy to use. I like the quick releases on the fork and rear triangle. I also like the large release on the seat post easy to adjust the height. It has one of the best adjustable stems. Stable even when loaded I like the center mid drive motor in the crank and the lower battery position. Even when heavily loaded rock solid.
    Does not have a front facing eyelet on the bottom front fork. It needs a front suspension, although with 2" wide tires takes most bumps well. (If you lower the tire pressure to 40 psi smoother over bumps). Changing gears can be tough on the chain, derailleur, and rear gears. I dislike the 20 mph speed limiter. I know in Florida as in many states, it is the law, but the top two gears put you at the limit. If given the the option, I would have registered it, paid the fees, insured it, and have the ability to go 30 to 35 mph even with reduced range. I wish it had the ability to charge the battery, on the bicycle, rather than have to take it off the bike. I don’t like the charger with its easy to lose dongle. A bike at this level of cost should have built in lighting and a couple of 5 volt plugs to charge a cell phone or accessory.
    Like everything in life there are compromises depending on your mission. At the price I paid, (Demo used at a RV show) I can live with it. One of the best investments I have ever made and my contribution, athough small, to do my part to keep my SUV, in the garage, and save our planet.

  8. Again with the water bottle!???

  9. 0:58 “Go Broncos” No 😜

  10. No need to use a cable to lock it up… Swap out the quick release skewers for a hex screw releases.

  11. This is my 2nd EBR review. The number of "I don’t really know…" from this guy is amazing considering everything of which he is not aware is on the Trek website. Also but hardly the only bit of misinformation is that somehow a 700c morphed into a 28" in his understanding when they are 29". Reminds me of car salespeople who know less about their product than anyone aware of Google.

  12. I have this bike, and I absolutely love it. The riding position is perfect – very "Dutch Style" and upright. I use it to commute to my office (25-30 km one-way, depending on the path I take) on nicer days instead of driving.

  13. Its a good polished bike but.. For the price id expect a rear rack,fenders and lights..

  14. There should be more orange bikes….

  15. Looking forward to your review of the competing Specialized Como for comparison.

  16. Good information at the end about locking up bikes/storing them. Had my bike saddle stolen just like that. As a teacher I store mine under my desk, relatively out of sight.

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