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  1. Thanks for posting this video , which I have found interesting 馃憤

  2. Thanks for this thorough review!

  3. 6:05 those are not bar end,they are cus grips, it’s a support built into the grip, I prefer not to have it, as I do I want to easily grab the grip when bike has been on the ground or after a crash, also I ride a lot of technical stuff, not so much to day, as I was being cooked by the sun, I tried to stay on the easier side.
    I move around a lot, so I can get quite low, not sure if these grips would hinder me or not, I guess I could angle them down a bit, to allow steep downhill position.
    I haven’t tried these, I use Revgrips which are floating suspension grips, they float on rubber never touching the handlebar. so after riding those I won’t ride standard lock-on grips.
    I used foam grips from ESI before, but they wors ut in about 4 weeks, it kept happenign so I gave up on them, but other people don’t have that issue, I had issue Smith the grips getting so soft I could feel the handlebar at times.
    the benefit of Revgrips is they absorb vibrations, and twist so it’s easier on the hands on rough terrain and on steep downhills, cus the grip moves so when bike moves the hand does not move as much.
    but if you don’t need it, it’s quite an investment.

  4. Nice video thanks

  5. Russell Willmoth January 12, 2021 @ 10:40 pm

    Excellent balanced review, thanks

  6. Great video, Cameron, thank you for your contribution to the world of eBike Reviews! I’ve had my eye on the Powerfly 5 for a bit now and I think I’ve decided it’s the best bike out there for me. Love the scenery your were riding in, and I’m incredibly jealous! I’ll need to bring my bike to Scottland someday.

  7. As someone who primarily is into mountainbiking since the late 80’s I like yourself (albeit younger than yourself)thought I was too young for an ebike, but due to old motorcycle injuries etc i too have bought an ebike.
    I absolutely love it,its given me back a love of cycling that i feared i would lose,i feel like I’m 20 again.
    I only use the first level usually of the power,i cycle more often,and longer when i am out,i definitely feel fitter,you get more of a workout due to the extra weight.
    Cant recommend them enough.

  8. Hi Cameron excellent review and like you I have an E Bike Haibike Sduro with the Bosch CX motor and 500watt battery which has been trouble free for the past 18 months. I use a Garmin chest HR linked to my watch and Connect app and while comparing my route records both E bike and road bike I record similar heart zones levels the difference being I arrive in quicker time!
    I try to refrain from using the electric assistance initially as it leaves you with a false sense of your power preferring to use the old muscles on & off come hills I鈥檒l switch assistance depending on the severity and the get back to basics.
    I cycle more nowadays no matter weather conditions and travel much further as I鈥檝e always got the backup of the assistance if needed all in all I love the bike however like you alternate between my road bike and even Pugsley fat bike. Stay safe and thanks for your informative review.

  9. Just posted on last video and agree with all your comments. I鈥檝e had mine 4 months and loved every minute of it. You just gotta make sure you turn down or turn off the power to get a workout. Nice video.

  10. Great review. I bought a Haibike Hard Seven 7.0 about the same time when I retired. My experiences are very similar. It’s going for service soon and I expect the brake pads will need replaced and I also know I need a new chain after just over a year. These bikes are heavy and wear of components is in excess of normal bikes. I bought an extra 400Wh battery to allow me to do full or multi days in the wilds but have not been able to pick it up due to lock down.
    I have only had one problem -I could not get the battery out and it needed to go back to the shop for this.
    I also use a towball mounted carrier and needed to buy a new one that could take the weight of two ebikes. It is a Peruzzi from memory.

  11. I鈥檝e got the 2020 model in February and am loving it. Already done 1100 miles. Probably will upgrade to full suspension but the trek is great fun and I found reliable. We now have 5 in our group with Emtbs (we鈥檙e all over 50) I got mine because of your first video!

  12. What a well balanced view.. I’m still analogue, but its great to hear your thoughts..

  13. Hi Cameron. excellent review. I bought the "womens" to get a standover height and I love it. Ive only done 600 miles since August. How did you get access to the usage graphs shown on the review? Im waiting with anticipation for your overnight trip. Im planning a western Isles trip when we are free to travel about.

  14. How did tou purchase your ebike? V12 finance or outright

  15. Just John Outdoors January 12, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    I鈥檓 a new subscriber it鈥檚 my first time looking at your channel. I like the trek mountain bike a lot even though it鈥檚 very heavy just wondering were you鈥檙e wrists sore at first while riding

  16. I鈥檇 love an electric bike but the price is a deterrent

  17. Aye Cameron,nothing these days comes in at the Cheap End of Pleasure. But then that is mountain biking for you, you want to get out there doing what you love, you pay for it and as you state, turbo mode helps when a steep hill approaches and your legs are knackered. Cheers Man!

  18. Love the review!

  19. Nicely done, love the talking to overly slow, a lot of info in that 8 mi video.

  20. I bought a Cube Reaction Pro 500 just over a year ago. It has the same motor, controls and gears. I absolutely love it. I do similar routes to you and it鈥檚 perfect.

  21. I’d have that in turbo way more than 6% of the time 馃ぃ I used a Kalkhoff tourer for several years commuting 30 miles a day and it never came out of the highest setting but I could wear office clothes to ride and didn’t need a shower when I got to work 馃憤

  22. Looking to buy my dad, who is 67 years old, an e-mtb…this video was so helpful. Thank you for providing us all with your thoughts on this trusty steed.

  23. Nice background

  24. Marc Milton-Talbot January 12, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    Great review.Very informative.Just the sort of info. I was looking for.Cheers.

  25. Thiago Vencovsky January 12, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    that accent is golden

  26. I have just ordered a Trek Powerfly for delivery next month. I purchased my first Trek in the early 1990’s and used it for family commuting and holidays. The bike lasted about 15 years and I took the Edinburgh Bike Coop Mechanic training course. I still have my Park allen keys that have seen service in Precision Engineering manufacturing.

  27. Very good review thanks. I am age 60 with an old ankle injury, which limits the power I can sustain up hills for hours. I manage fine on the road but need an Ebike for mountain trails on East Grampians.

  28. the struggle to shift might be due to the motor assisting you, but during shifting it does the opposite of assisting, it makes you pedal too fast and struggle to shift.
    at least that’s my guess. also on technical climbs it might make you spin out easier. so switcher between the modes is necessary, but on some technical climbs you will have to walk where a traditional bike would ride up due to the weight.
    Van Girl Yuka did a great video on how E bikes can be both helping and hindering you.
    but for your use that’s not an issue.

  29. Nice review, I’m thinking of getting an e-bike. They built a new trail in New York state that goes right in front of my house and I can ride to work about 22 miles. This would be perfect to get me up those hills!

  30. Me and the wife have just bought powerfly 5s and love them. Love your review my fellow Scotsman. Kind regards from Bonnie Scotland Dundee

  31. Good info from a normal rider rather than adrenaline junkies lol.
    I converted my old mountain bike to electric to save money ( cost me 拢300) and love it a lot more than I thought I would, still get a workout but on my own terms rather than the route dictating it totally, I can ride as far as i want and not be limited by my dodgy knee and hips.
    Ebikes are ace imho, just as long as you use them properly.
    Looking to upgrade to something like this next but cost is very high atm.

  32. Nice choice. I’ve had a number of Trek MTBs over the years but never an e-bike. Internally geared hubs seem a nice option, especially for muddy conditions. MTBs are a must-have for off-road bike packing.

  33. you said the frame is robust, that sounds good, but does that mean it’s stiff enough?
    this is something that is important, I previously rode a 2014 trek fuel ex, which was a problematic mess, with stupid design, it was too short for me anyway, and trek does not offer size, before that I rode a Trek 6300 which was a stiff enough frame, but horrible geo, with Trek a hardtail is a safer bet to reduce potential problems, I see even with the never frames there are problems, but I haven’t researched the E bikes.
    geometry that fit me or my requirements, I now own a Geometron G1, which is stiff enough.
    but the quality issues of Trek frames and stupid designs and bad geometry, sizing range means I refuse to buy a Trek.
    but if they manage to make as stiff hardtail as when they made 26er xc bikes then that should be nice bike,.
    so How is you bike doing? any drivetrain issues like bending hanger? you did not mention it, so that looks promising.

  34. That for the honest review. I’m thinking of buying my first e bike and swinging towards a powerfly 5 2021. I think it will suit my needs perfectly!

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