Trek Powerfly 7 LT Video Review – $5.5k Advanced All-Mountain Electric Bike

Trek Powerfly 7 LT Video Review – $5.5k Advanced All-Mountain Electric Bike The Trek Powerfly 7 LT is a stealthy, long travel, all-mountain electric bike with longer wheel base and adjustable seat stay hardware to optimize geometry for climbing and descending, proprietary “Active Braking Pivot” rear suspension reduces skipping, Knock Block headset and Hartzell Hug impact-absorbing downtube bumpers allow for straight downtube. Trek-invented Boost hub spacing improves spoke bracing angle and support for larger plus sized tires, quick release thru axles are sturdy and easy to work with, direct-link rear suspension stiffens the chain stays and bottom bracket without compromising performance thanks to the DeonAir rear shock. Beautiful battery integration, Bosch PowerTube 500 disappears into the frame, keeps weight low and center, provides space for a bottle cage mount and accessories above, sturdy locking core from ABUS with keyed-alike code, battery has a built-in handle for secure removal and transport. Bosch Purion display does not have an active Micro-USB port, the PowerTube 500 is heavier than the older PowerPack design, longer wheel base isn’t as nimble and the motor integration is flat vs. angled up (unless you get the carbon model), the motor is heavier than the competition, produces more noise, introduces some drag when unpowered. 2019 Trek Powerfly electric bike reviews.

You can skip ahead to different sections of the video:
– The review starts at 2:58
– Interview with Trek Suspension Labs at 12:24
– Battery removal at 20:22
– Bosch Purion display overview at 29:31
– Ride test and frame footage at 31:43 EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Looks like they did an excellent job of setting up the suspension on the bike you tested.

  2. Divine-intervention January 23, 2021 @ 7:40 pm

    nice bike , but don’t you think 2018 that chain drive and gearing system is a bit old now? come on trek do sumit about chain system and gearing.

  3. How many watts?

  4. I’d like to know which electric mtb , feels and rides the most like an enduro/ all mountain bike in the corners and descents

  5. With it being a full suss bike, does the battery suffer more as appose to a hard tail E bike?

  6. Does this $5.5K ebike go as fast as a Kawasaki?

  7. Annoying voice. Nasally

  8. Mario Passendorf January 23, 2021 @ 7:44 pm

    TREK VS Haibike for the same money range ?

  9. Hello really loved the review I torn between a trek e bike and the turbo levo range. I glad trek have fully integrated the battery looks beautiful. You have more experience than me what is your choice the new trek powerfly or a turbo levo. Thanks again

  10. Hi, I´m from Brazil and i´m pretend to buy a LT7. Congrats !

  11. Ros mentioned that Trek has the bike frame sizes to cover the fat part of the bell curve of the population. I hope they will do the same for bike colors. My last 4 bikes have been drabby gray. Kinda of sick of it.

  12. More riding less talking rubbish

  13. Probably the best review I’ve ever seen
    Great camera angles
    Subscribed 🇬🇧

  14. When did Reno go proudly "multicultural’? Lived there 1 year. My Dad got #RodneyKingd and called #TheNword by police. We promptly left… Back to good ol’ Phoenix, where they had to be dragged kicking, screaming to adopt #MLK day.

  15. hey bro. I need your help. I’m new to electric bicycle actually I’m doing project on hectic bicycle. I want to know what features an electric Bicycle must have. and some features u would like to see. and maybe it could be awesome if u can provide me your email address. thanks

  16. I just opted for this bike over the 9.7 because I don’t want to be obsessing over breaking a carbon frame….that’s just how I am. Nice review.

  17. My future bike..thanks for the review

  18. Think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Courts hair?

  19. Two_Wheeled_Adventure January 23, 2021 @ 7:56 pm

    Too bad these are sold out. Looks like none till at least the 2020 model in August 2019

  20. As ever – Great review, photography and editing.
    I bought the 2018 Trek Powerfly LT7 about 2 + months ago and have been totally blown away by it. An awesome bike.

    What cameras do you use for your video and stabilisation?

    Carry on with you channel – brings me a lot of pleasure watching – and ‘envy pain’ as well aaargh 😉

  21. I wonder how Haibike with its new TQ motor will be doing. Can‘t wait to see.

  22. Yo, great video! Good luck growing this channel! Anyway, I left a sub. Keep rollin’! All the best, Philipp from PHAM

  23. Because of your Great Review, I just picked up my *Powerfly 9.7!* Couldn’t be happier! This Bike is A-Mazing!!!

  24. Better ES Exposure January 23, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    What resort what’s that?

  25. Universal Vibes TV January 23, 2021 @ 8:02 pm


  26. Take the videography, production, technical knowledge, interaction with vendor, in depth product coverage and flawless presentation = MASTERCLASS in how this should be done!

  27. great review and promotion that u got to be apart of Court, I would of preferred u got on their Carbon version instead though

  28. Richard van Tricht January 23, 2021 @ 8:08 pm

    Going uphill it looks like they are moving on a flat road… when i have a budget i will defintely go for an powerfly

  29. White socks and running sneakers? To go riding?
    Revenge of the nerds or what?
    This guy is a straight dorky dork !

  30. Just get a dirt bike at this point. Almost the same price.

  31. On these bikes is there a way to override the 20 mph limit in assists?

  32. What a great review, that was a tonne of fun.

  33. Some shocking sounds come out off the bike OMG ,gear clunking, motor wine and terrible brake sound when pulling up long way to go yet for refinement

  34. any compatible coil rear shox for powerfly fs 7.. thanks

  35. Nice review 🙂 i did order the powerfly 9.9 a few weeks ago cant waith! 😀

  36. Jesus Christ 20 minutes in ride the fuckin bike already 🙄

  37. Awesome! Well done review.

  38. Happy to see Trek is finally catching up to Specialized Turbo Levo 😀

  39. If you are riding in the city, this bike is awesome🚲>ㅎ110 The Battery kicks in right away when you start to pedal or you can use the throttle. Top speed was around 18 mph while pedaling with battery activated. The bike will help you up small hills with minimal effort. Down hill you don’t need the battery, but don’t burn out your brakes. The bike is a little bumpy with no suspension to absorb the shocks of bumps in the road. The bike wasn’t too bad to assembly but can see why a technician is handy to help. They battery is strong and lasts for about 15 miles. A cool option would be if while manually pedaling the battery was charging too. The seat and handle bars are too close together for tall people. Overall, this is a fun bike.

  40. Hey mate, why did u say you would probably just get the FS 7 instead of the LT 7 when there is only £200 difference? Also which bike was you riding the 18.5′ or the 17 5" and how tall are you?

  41. Good review/advertisement, I do wish there was more footage of trail riding. I wanted to see and hear the motor perform on bigger drops, big climbs, etc.

    I feel like I watched a video that read the brochure to me.

  42. Great vid as usual. I know you bought a turbo levo awhile back. I’m curious how you compare it to this bike?

  43. Great video review. It was your video that sold me on the bike. I bought a power fly 7 FS 2019 in sept. I am having an issue with the battery shifting upward during rocky riding which is causing a power disconnect and turning the bike off. So if I am in a hard technical climb or decent and it’s rough I will get the disconnect and the bike shuts down. Today I got the disconnect 8-10 times during my ride. Are you aware of this issue on this bike and if so is there a fix or an adjustment to the battery compartment which would hold that battery more snug? I can replicate the issue in my garage just by grabbing the side of the battery in the bike and slide it up and down. Pretty disappointing to say the least with how much the bike cost. Thanks for your help.

  44. Just bought the Powerfly LT 9.7 Plus! Ships out January 2019

  45. So glad I found you. I have learned so much from watching your reviews. For the past year, I have been trying to decide on what kind of e bike to get. Vado, Levo, Super Commuter. I want to use it for commuting but would like to use it off road as well. Live a couple of miles from the beach and some trails. Maybe in a couple of years, they’ll relax the trail laws for Class 1 e bikes. Well, I think you helped me to decide. The Powerfly LT 7. Thanks for doing such thorough reviews.

  46. Love when you review the major bike brands. Given their corporate power, I expect the best system design – yet I still dont see true advantages over the Bosch system. Bosch needs to dump the cost-saving Purion crap over Intuvia – I dont buy the corporate line about cleaner cockpit – it’s cheaper and has fewer featurews than Intuvia, which charges phones AND IS REMOVABLE like ti should be. Sad that Nyon never got brought over here. Better system design should be used not shelved !

  47. Very good review. Both were very good .

  48. Nicholas Brennan January 23, 2021 @ 8:33 pm

    making me want one

  49. What a super informative, entertaining, and professional review! Thanks

  50. Amazing!👍🚴‍♂️

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