Trek Super Commuter+ 8S ebike

Trek Super Commuter+ 8S ebike

In this video I meet with Peter, a current owner and user of the Trek Super Commuter+ 8S. He purchased this bike due to a health issue and instead of sitting around, he made the decision to get an eBike to help him through his recovery.

He’s quite candid about his thoughts on the bike, in general, he appreciates what it has offered him.

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  1. The seat post on my old Konas Lava Dome is longer than that!

  2. It’s way less dangeours if you take the ENTIRE LANE for yourself so cars can behave like they have a slow truck in front and use the other lane with caution, you just need 1 idiot that pushes you to the side and you’re doneso.

  3. I just got the summer 2020 Bosch software upgrade installed on my 2019 Trek Super Commuter+ 8s- much smoother feel in all gears when pedaling and shifting.

  4. Ride Alongside May 23, 2021 @ 1:34 am

    Did I hear that right? 53lbs?! I hope the battery doesn’t fail, that would be a heavy bike to have to climb back up from the coast! Sounds like a great option for the non cyclists to start trying to commute by bike and get a little fitness in. Not good for trails.

  5. I am dutchman. That red string of yours is very beautiful, but I have a Riese Muller, that blue one (watch link below). That is a really strong beast. With an extra battery, for very long journeys in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a cycling country par excellence. I can easily cycle a whole day without recharging with these batteries. I also often cycle to Belgium and Germany. This bike is so far the best in the whole world. Easy to get 40-45 km / hour. It is also a monster uphill.
    500 Wh As standard Extra 1000 Wh (DualBattery) kost 630 £*……. Total price: 4,319.00 £*……Watch the link.
    Thanks for de video upload.

  6. Vannette Brown May 23, 2021 @ 1:40 am

    Sounds like he don’t care for the looks of it, personally I can’t ride a bike that’s not sexy,

  7. erttugrul das May 23, 2021 @ 1:47 am

    *Easy to assemble. Seat shock spring works great.↝↝>**** Rides nice. Shifting gears transitions smoothly. Fenders are great especially in the Great Northwest.*

  8. I bought a Trek XM700 e-bike (one step down from the super 8). It was a real gamble because of the high price ($4000!!!). I wanted to bike commute to work but high elevation and 40-mile round trip made a regular bike seem not practical. I love bicycling and I own a Peloton indoor bike. Long story short: 1200 miles on my e-bike and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. An e-bike makes long distances and hills more bearable. I still get an incredible work out it…In 1200 miles I have had 2 flats, one change of the brakes and a chain that got kinked up. Heavy bike…44lbs but high quality. I believe you get you 4K worth. The money I saved from gas I use toward my payment. The bike is paying for itself.

  9. くろちゃん May 23, 2021 @ 1:50 am

    Nice view !!

  10. If an ebike keeps someone riding because of difference health circumstances, or even encourages someone to take up bike commuting then how can you not love that. The side benefit with the weight of the bike is being able to fly on the downside of a climb. What a great shot at the 7:35 mark.

  11. Nice review, but for the $$$$ it’s an expensive bike with no suspension or rack. Prices of Ebikes will come down if they want sales to go up.

  12. @tiburonblues , you mention that the Super Commuter is a bit too small for you – what size is the frame? I’m considering one and I’m 198cm.

  13. The “s” stand for small frame ??

  14. The the man said he is 6’6 I was damn, that man doesn’t need a bike, he needs a Giraffe to ride lol

  15. Another enjoyable and informative video. The e bike is crying out for some Jones Loop bars.

  16. Richard Clements May 23, 2021 @ 2:19 am

    That view at 1-25 is stunning

  17. The range as Peter describes it sounds pretty decent, although I know there’s a lot of variability involved. I’m looking to rent one of these so that my sister can go for a ride with me, and I’m nervous about running out of juice prematurely.

  18. ForbinColossus May 23, 2021 @ 2:22 am

    Peter is a wonderful interview subject. Nicely done vid! UPDATE the vid by asking Peter, "Would he buy the same bike today?" Real owner experience is valuable

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