Trek Verve+ 3 Review – $3k Approachable & Feature-Rich Commuting Ebike

Trek Verve+ 3 Review – $3k Approachable & Feature-Rich Commuting Ebike The 3rd generation of Trek’s popular Verve+ electric bike maintains the excellent quality of previous models while providing more power and range, supported by a large network of dealers and available in a wide range of size and frame options. Excellent craftsmanship and tuning showcase Trek’s prowess in bicycle manufacturing, accessories are seamlessly integrated and easy to operate thanks to always-on lights and the simplicity of the Bosch Purion display, ready for commuting with a MIK-compatible rack, full-length fenders, and a suspension seatpost. The electrical system has upgraded to the Bosch Active Line Plus motor along with a seamlessly integrated PowerTube 500 battery, with excellent range and responsive performance and the option to add an additional 400wh of battery capacity with the Bosch Range Boost system. No way to use walk mode or turn off the lights due to safety concerns, bottle cage bosses are nice to have but utilizing them may prevent removing the battery, the charging port is positioned near the left crank and thus more vulnerable to accidental damage.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Comparison to Verve+ 2
3:42 Dealer Tradeoffs
6:04 Accessories
9:41 Control System
14:58 Motor
18:22 Battery
21:17 Frame
22:18 Drivetrain
24:03 Contact Points & Ergonomics
26:56 Riding Without Assistance
29:05 Riding With Assistance
32:36 Riding Past 20MPH
34:42 Ride Feel & Comfort
37:52 More Information

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  1. This is a very thorough and detailed review. I’ve purchased the Trek Verve+3 at the beginning of pandemic. This is the second Trek bike I’ve owned. I’m having so much fun riding my ebike in the wine country backroads and hills. Thanks for all the great info, suggestions and tips. You’re an awesome speaker and reviewer! 🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♂️ 🥰

  2. First lol

  3. Great video. I just ordered the +2. Rode a friends. Really liked it. Nice to see the difference. Theanks

  4. Biggest difference between Verve+ 2 and Verve+ 3 is that a pandemic + soaring bikes sales = Trek adds $500 to price. There’s other bikes similar to this for $1500 like the Ride1up 700 series.

  5. It’s strange the ones on the website do have front suspension

  6. This is the most detailed review I have ever seen on Utube! Thank you!

  7. EBR: Is this demo bike available for sale? I know someone looking for this exact bike (small).

  8. I know the price is much more than a Rad or Ride1Up but a mid-drive motor can be worth the extra money. I have the 700 Series from Ride1Up and the Liv Amiti E +4 which is a mid drive and the difference is significant. A good mid-drive system is superior to a hub motor. A torque sensor on a hub can help but still doesn’t provide the more natural riding experience a mid-drive can deliver. There are cheaper mid-drives out there. Trek is always pricey.

  9. Excellent review, but not much change…except motor, battery and wheels….you are a funny guy 😀 I just bought one for my wife and for me. Should come in January 👍👍

  10. I’ve recently taken interest in getting my first e-bike and I was wondering whether the Macwheel Ranger 500 would be a good first ?

  11. Trek or any bike manufacturer for that matter limiting or disabling features like walk assist or limit to 20 mph max because of "safety" or "speed limit bylaws" is like Ford limiting all their vehicles to state/provincial/territory/country max speed limit like 50mph for example… its not the responsibility of the manufacturer to dictate how fast a person is allowed to go on their ebike or any other kind of transportation device. If car manufacturers started to limit cars to only 50 MPH, people would start rioting.

  12. I have now had an e-bike for just about a month now. I won’t say what brand it is but the ride is Radical. With the exception of styling and minor tweaks, is a $ 3000 bike twice as good as a $1500 bike? …. so glad I did my research. E-bike branding, features, styling etc reminds of the Headphone racket. Does a $1500 set of headphones sound 10x better than a $150 headphone ?…..(Believe me….in the headphone game $1500 is the very low-end of the high-end)……The point is the Law of Diminishing Returns applies to e-bikes….do your homework and get the most bang for your buck.

  13. Thanks for the Video: you can find more information here:

  14. Armchair Wanderer December 20, 2020 @ 10:09 pm


  15. That was a cool car at 37:40

  16. Electric Bikes Perth Australia December 20, 2020 @ 10:15 pm

    Walk assist is an absolute necessity, so why disable it, I sometimes when riding my bike when I’m around pedestrians, i’ll often use walk assist while riding the bike

  17. I can get a Aventon Level for 1599 an drive right past this 3k bike.

  18. One hand riding is dangerous. 😯
    Maybe a GoPro would be more comfortable.
    Excellent review as usual from new guy.

  19. I’ve also test ridden the Verve 3 and can vouch for its comfortable ride, especially the seat. Many bike seats are not very comfortable for long rides and are often torturous. I don’t see any virtue in suffering to be “Macho” here. Not only is the Verve 3 seat wide enough for good butt support, it also features a deep channel in the middle that really helps us males for prostate comfort. Then the lightweightness as described is truly worthwhile – the eBike I own is nearly 75 lbs. without any accessories! This makes for much harder pedaling should you run out of battery, making it almost battery dependent. The downsides to the Verve 3 for me is the speed limiter at 20 mph. I often ride between 20-25 mph and it’s frustrating to feel a definite drag just before you reach 20 mph. It almost feels Ike the bike is resisting you unless you are on a downhill run. The eBike I have came set at 20 mph assist but I was able to change it to 25. Other than that, this is a fantastic eBike and the option to add a second battery for long distant rides is super! Oh, and the motor is truly very quiet and responsive. Thanks for the great review!

  20. I’m a bit confused over the difference between Bosch’s Eco vs Turbo modes. You mentioned there’s a 270% of power, but also mention that there’s around 50 or 60nm of torque. What is the 270% measured against? Eco Mode? In which case all these power levels sound like a marketing trick?

    The Bafang M400 mid-motor has 36V 250 watt motor with 80nm of torque. On my Tern D8, it has 5 Pedal assist levels (no throttle). Does the Active Line + with a lower torque have more power at it’s highest power setting or does the Bafang M400 with 80nm torque have more power? Thanks for clarifying, as I’m considering getting a Tern Q9 or S10 which use an Active Line + and Performance Line respectively and I get confused because both have lower torque levels than my Tern D8

  21. I guess is the model for American market. Are those wheels 26 inches wide ?

  22. When are u gunna do the super73 s2?

  23. December 20, 2020 @ 10:24 pm

    6:04 Accessories overview
    9:41 Control system, 14:58 Motor, 18:22 Battery
    26:56 Ride test begins, 29:05 Motor closeups, 34:42 Ride comfort discussion

  24. Meh, I rode the Verve and was underwhelmed… In fact all of the mid drive pedal assist only bikes seem lame to me when compared to Class 2 with a throttle. Bottom line is that class 2 gives you more speed with less effort at less cost. If you are in USA, no need to buy overpriced bikes aimed at Euro market laws. Class 2 750w is the sweet spot for cheap and legal ebike thrills in USA. I wish Trek, Specialized, and Giant would focus on building a class 2 ebike.

  25. Too bad Trek couldn’t find a larger frame for you to try out. I wonder if they realized the bike would be featured in product video.

  26. I love my verve 3. I’m 62 and went from couch to 26.75 miles in 1 day. It is just enough assist without letting the bike do all the work (like using a throttle). Also, there IS walk assist (turn on the power, put the bike in eco mode, press the walk button on the bottom of the controller and immediately press the “+” button.). One more thing, my gears do not make any clunking noise when shifting; I think that bike just needed adjusting. Thanks for the video!! 😊

  27. Assume the magnet for the speed sensor is in the disk brake like some of the newer bosch systems?

  28. 3 grand no way shape or form LMAO 😂

  29. Mall security alert!!!! He said don’t put a throttle in it.

  30. I have the opportunity to grab one of these at $1,800.
    Could I mod this bike to improve its performance and top speed?
    I also just got my Rad Rover 5 shipping notice an hour ago.
    I had plans to add a new controller and display to improve torque and also had intentions to swap out the motor and battery for the ultimate upgrade.
    Now I’m not sure if I should return the Rover 5, if I can mod the Verve+ similar to the Rover I’ll keep the Verve+.
    I’ve always been a fan of Trek bikes too.
    So my question is does the Verve+ have the ability to be modded like the Rover?

  31. That price 😬😬😬😂 I’ll stick with buying a Rad power bike

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