Trek Verve+ Video Review – $2.3k Four Sizes, Two Frame Styles, Neighborhood Electric Bicycle

Trek Verve+ Video Review – $2.3k Four Sizes, Two Frame Styles, Neighborhood Electric Bicycle The Trek Verve+ is a versatile city electric bike with sturdy paint-matched aluminum fenders, a bright and aimable headlight as well as a flashing backlight (both are powered by the main battery), and mounting points for a bottle cage and rear rack. Surprisingly comfortable, the wider tires provide cushion and stability, the saddle and suspension seat post reduce back pain, and the adjustable angle riser stem works perfectly with the swept back handlebars and ergonomic grips. The most affordable electric bike model from Trek, it comes in four fun colors and four frame sizes (high-step and step-thru) for optimal fit, hydraulic disc brakes require less hand strength and have adjustable-reach levers for smaller hands. Uses the proven Bosch Powerpack 400 battery (the mount is compatible with the Powerpack 500), smaller Purion display is simple and durable but not removable, compact portable charger, efficient Active Line motor with shift detection. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. We just bought one for my wife. Trek has them on closeout sale right now.

  2. Robert Czaplicki January 5, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    At this price point; go out and get one! I just purchased mine and I am grinning when that motor kicks in.

  3. nice price bit extream though

  4. I鈥檓 about to pull the trigger on the Verve+ 3. It鈥檚 tough now because the stores are closed to traffic and many bikes are not in stock. Have you had a chance to look at the 3.

  5. Good review mate

  6. Hello Court, I enjoy your reviews and you have a knack for it along with the great personality. I just wanted to say this is a great city bike with one caveat and that is I would have liked to see a throttle on this bike that would give you full power from a standstill for those awkward situations when you get caught in the wrong gear at an intersection or a sudden stop and you need to go quickly and not fumble around losing time and ones mojo. It may not comply with class designation but maybe it could be sold as an after market upgrade. This is where hub motors shine. I’d appreciate your comment.

  7. marcel trovarello January 5, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Fantastic review Court 馃榾

  8. Really appreciate the detail and all the effort you put into these reviews. Thanks very much.

  9. nice to see the the CSU campus! Seems to be a very good bike at a good price point.

  10. Nice bicycle, nice the battery in the middle, very nice price 馃檪 I should buy the rear reck. I not like the Purion display, perhaps you can change it to Intuvia. If it is really cold I know that there are covers that protect the battery against the cold. I only know the covers for battery on the rear reck, perhaps there are also covers for the battery in the middle. I own 2 400 watt rear rack battery’s, the second I bought very cheap (new) on internet, 200 euro. Original Bosch. Normally when I drive shorter distances I change the battery when there are 3 III left. I always load my battery and keep the other inside my house. It is a good thing when you not going to use the battery for a longer period to load the battery half full. My nearly 8 years first battery still works fine, little less distance then the second one I bought (6 years old). On very long trips I bring the second battery along. I ride mostly in tour, sometimes with strong headwinds in sport and if I must climb, I use turbo. Mostly that are bridges here in my flat country, The Netherlands. I still can manage about 100 km on 1 battery, but in winter time it can be less, in summer time it can be more.

  11. Wonder when some manufacturer will come up with the idea of a fixed light on the head tube with an additional/auxillary light on the handlebars/stem. If someone hasn’t already.

  12. Thanks for the video. I’m thinking about getting this bike and your video did answer my question.

  13. Great review Court

  14. I don’t know if this applies to you, but could we buy the bikes on the website

  15. Really helpful reviews of Trek and others. They have helped me make a choice. Excellent detailed coverage. Appreciate the technical aspect also.

  16. What is the battery life span?

  17. Can u do a review of 2020 verve+ 2?

  18. Urban Cargo Bikes January 5, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    Nice design, clean, fairly simple. Can’t wait to see more of these and less cars in traffic around our cities! Appreciate the review, as always!

  19. Be sure to test this bike on the terrain you usually ride. The lack of front shocks ruled it out for me at my age w/sports injuries that could not absorb the shock directly on front wheel that went to my shoulders, wrists, elbows. Otherwise it is a neat bike.

  20. Can you switch the shifter to a "Grip Shift"? My wife struggles with the thumb/finger style.

  21. Great to see some more mainstream bike brands. I’d love to see more Trek, Norco, Giant, Specialized, Kona, etc.

  22. Nice point on the pedels, sliping off them with no pins or spikes is a shin saver..

  23. I see one of these for sale for $200 right now. The battery is missing. I am selling a fat tire bike that I built myself for $300. I have the battery, but nobody will want to pay for it. It is made with 98 samsung cells, and it is a beast. It is 56 volts though. This trek bike is 36v and I think about 260 watts. The replacement Bosh battery is trash compared to mine, and they want $1000 for it. That is a huge part of the price problem. They are charging more money than the best battery available would cost. For $700 you could buy one 3-4 times better. I built my own battery for about $400. That was buying a 100 pack of samsung cells from overseas. The price can triple once it gets here. I payed about $3 per cell. They wanted about $6 or more here. I just blew my controller I think on my big bike. It probably couldn’t handle the higher voltage. They are supposed to, but maybe it was poorly made. I sure am not paying $1000 for a crap Bosch battery. I may buy it, and give it a real battery. I may even give it a real moter with some power. I could add a hub motor, and use my battery. It is a good deal regardless. I have to take advantage of it.

  24. What a wonderful review – comprehensive and well informed delivered in fine entertaining style. Thank you and greetings from the UK

  25. Hello! Where is the Verve plus 2 review?

  26. Great review. You do a really good job both as to the technical stuff but as well as a pleasant personality which makes the review especially easy to watch. Just bought a Verve+ 3, so of course, am trying to get as much information as possible to get to know the bike better. Why an electric now? I’ve toured or trained thousands of miles on my TREK 7500. I just turned 81 and the hills and distances I like to ride are becoming a bit more difficult. The new bike will add years of riding to places I’d still like to explore.

  27. drrobotnikmeanbeanma January 5, 2021 @ 10:57 pm

    Someone call text or email these e bike companies to make the innertubes all rubber.It will make it better easier for the biker.I will pay extra money if they did ???

  28. This is like Scott E-Sub Tour without front Suspension.

  29. Wow, rack for water a big deal.,聽 How about a gun rack?

  30. I bought an E-motion bike about two years ago. Designed in Spain, made in China. About $1700. I have 2200 km on it now. The one with the battery mounted under the saddle. I really enjoyed commuting about 3 miles each way almost daily. I had to add a chain guard to keep chain from falling off, upgrade the tires (had a puncture), upgraded the derailleur. Also had to replace wiring to battery because the way the battery is mounted is a poor design. Looks like the Trek Verve+ has all the right components, good design, adequate but not too much power for my age, length of commute and terrain. Also Verve doesn’t weigh too much? That was a big advantage of the E-motion–not much more weight than my regular commuting bike. Learned a lot with the E-Motion. Looking forward to learning more about the Verve on a test-ride. Thanks so much for the thorough review. It was really helpful. I also have a 3-speed made in Holland with front and rear lights, just like the Verve.

  31. Great review and helped me immensely in selecting an eBike – thanks for this! Purchased this bike a couple of months ago and have started riding more as Spring arrives in Toronto. I have non-electric bikes for when I want to get a workout but wanted an electric one when my primary purpose is to commute or something else (eg. photography ride). I bought the Verve+ because I wanted something to flatten out hills and cut through wind without feeling like a scooter and it has lived up to my expectations so far. The mid-drive is quiet and power is added seamlessly into your normal pedal stroke. It’s relatively light weight (for an e-bike) means that you can ride without power or in the lowest setting in many circumstances to get some calorie burn in as well. Riding position is awesome – only replaced the seat for something with a bit more cushion. Also like how the lights are nicely integrated into the bike.

  32. Battery Sipper ! Nice . Great company, good all around bike at a good price , thumb’s up

  33. Dude, you rock. Thank you for such an insightful and in-depth review. Just bought this bike on a whim without a ton of the usual research, and of course it comes down to bang for the buck. You have reassured me that my purchase gives me value for my money and that the actual bike suits my needs. Thank you.

  34. I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the reviews, couldn’t you do a top 5 e bike?… I want a e fat bike but not sure with one to go for, plus I live in UK.

  35. Would upgrading to the Intuvia upgrade make much of a difference over the Purion? My local shop will charge me $250 to purchase and install the Intuvia. I’m wondering if my $250 could be used for something of more value…and are you from The Fort? I’ve seen a couple of your videos from here.

  36. Your reviews are super helpful. Thank you! What about the 2019 model of this? I couldn’t find your review for that. If not much substantial change, would you comment on that? Also, would you comment on anything special needed for caring for where the battery attaches (like, do you need to dry it off/out if it rains while you are transporting it without batter connected, etc.)?

  37. Radcity bike or trek plus????? With one is better??

  38. 猫BIKE 4 Every 1 January 5, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    an excellent review friend, I plan to change the love of my life MY SONDORS THIN ELECTRIC BIKE for something better. Do you think that bicycle would be a good substitute (?) What about the ROAM FUSION from Luna Cycle (?)

  39. Artem Zavhorodniy January 5, 2021 @ 11:10 pm

    Hi, can you please tell me what does its say on the key for battery? I lost my and trying to see what is the name. Thank you!

  40. Thanks for the video. Just got one. Have not had a lot of time to ride but love it so far.

  41. I like the review. I love everything about the bike. One day I鈥檒l get one. I鈥檓 a big fan of the verve

  42. Always enjoy ur reviews. This seems like one of the best deals out there 馃 Just a small tip ; when doing many of the camera shots ur getting way too close to ur own face . In HD it鈥檚 a bit creepy . Makes ur nose look HUGE lol keep up the amazing work. I鈥檝e probably seen 40 videos by now. Will be picking out my 1st e – bike within a few months. This particular model is at the top of my list . Especially for that price and weight.

  43. ExploringWorld A January 5, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Hi, I’d like to buy the first electric bicycle. I will use it especially when traveling around the city. The roads are often a bit steep and bumpy. Can you tell me if this electric bicycle is also convenient to use in the city? I would not want to spend more than the price of this electric bicycle. I would like a nice electric bicycle, but sporty and above all comfortable even for the city with slightly uphill and somewhat bumpy roads. Do you recommend it or do you recommend a different electric bicycle for me?
    1000 thanks for your valuable advice.

  44. Can you upgrade the motors on these older models?

  45. Tom Takumi Okamoto January 5, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Anyone knows a DIY ebike?

  46. I just bought from dj-ebikes. Much cheaper and more for your money

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