Trek XM700+ Video Review

Trek XM700+ Video Review The Trek XM700+ is a sleek, light weight, speed pedelec capable of reaching ~28 mph, built around the Bosch Performance Speed drive system and a Shimano SLX 10 speed drivetrain. Integrated plastic fenders and chain guard keep you clean and are reinforced to reduce rattle at high speed, extra frame bosses on the seat stays let you add a rear rack for commuting or touring. Surprisingly comfortable geometry with three risers, swept back bars, ergonomic grips and a monoshock suspension element with 35 mm travel and preload adjustment, available in three frame sizes (all high-step). Funky spring-action kickstand required in Europe for speed ebikes, the battery took a bit of effort to securely click-in, most expensive model but you get a two year comprehensive warranty. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Beautiful. because he is so basic.
    But also very high quality! I love it.

  2. what bike do u have

  3. $3500

  4. You’re pronouncing Bontrager wrong.

  5. Wo bleibt der Speed? Na da muss ich meinen eigenen nehmen;)

  6. hop on already man damm it!!! GOSh!!!!KMON?!!!

  7. Bought one last week and so far so good. Replaced the saddle, added a rack, handle bar risers.

  8. 750 miles on mine. Love it. Chain needed to be replaced after 600 miles. Bike made by Diamantrad, a German company owned by Trek. I wish the US version came equipped like the European version, with standard rear rack, rear light, frame lock for the rear wheel. So I added all of those to make it the ultimate commuter bike. Bontrager rack. Axa Victory lock. Herrman’s H-Track rear light. I’m going to add an SKS spoiler/mud flap to the front fender. Bought an extra battery charger ($200) to keep at work. I get to work sweat free and quickly in the morning. I pedal hard and fast on the way home for a workout. I have had the chain come off the front sprocket while shifting, but fortunately the chain guard pops off slightly without tools allowing access to get the chain back on. Words of caution … 28 mph is fast and cars aren’t expecting that .. Extra vigilance is required. Relatively expensive, but I feel that I got a high quality bike, and it brings me joy every time I ride it.

  9. What is the range on the battery?

  10. I’ve owned mine for a year and a half. It has operated fault free. All I’ve had to do was adjust the derailleur. I tried almost every electric bike on the market. IMO, this one beat the others hands down. It’s also VERY fast.

  11. excellent overview! I was delighted to see this, and impressed by the clarity, detail, in general entertaining style of presentation. Keep up the good work!

  12. Great review and a nice quick commuter. remember when pedals would spin freeley? its a bugger to find them but i wont use pedals that dont spin freely,i m stuck with 1950s pedals.

  13. I’ve had mine now for about 3 weeks or so. I use it on a 40 mile (round trip) commute. I absolutely love it so far. One flat tire so far. I have more to learn about the bike but I definitely love it. Most surprising thing for me regarding e-bike commuting – I still get a killer work out in! I am seeing more and more e-bikes nowadays too….woo hoo!

  14. Clinton Baltazor February 5, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    I like it, but its not Specialized!

  15. These Treks seem to be very good quality, and everything is kept clean, which I like a lot.

  16. For walk mode to work you also have to push the plus button.

  17. Any chance you can always include the frame sizes and bike weights in all your reviews? Love your reviews, just inconvenient to have to Google the specs after your videos. Also, how about some Top 5 reviews? Maybe buy category, i.e. Mountain, Commuter, Touring, Speed, etc.

  18. Carpenter Family February 5, 2021 @ 8:41 pm

    Any update ? Will they offer a 48V version of this bike battery ?

  19. I just purchased this bike yesterday and took it out on my first ride. I went about 15 miles. This thing is a hill killer! I went up some major hills with a variety of grades….man it really performed. But I will say…when I operated it without assist on even the slightest grade…I felt slow as a turtle! I’m going to be using this bike for a 16-mile (one way) commute to work….this is the perfect bike for it too (lots of hills).

  20. This is nice. As you say the higher end model has some nice features as well. My concern with mid drive electrics is they put a lot more strain on the chain. As long as the chain does not break, it is a real plus on hills. But another minus is if you have to slam on the brakes at a light leaving you in the wrong gear, well that puts the electric behind the 8 ball too. Hub motors do not have those concerns unless you have a pedal assist. Mine is just an on / off button, which I really appreciate at intersections. Even if you are in the wrong gear, no problem. You still go. I really like my simple 250 front hub motor setup as long as you don’t mind contributing quite a bit on the hills. A 350 in the middle like this one should be real sweet.

  21. كيف يتم شحن البطارية

  22. Serious question. Why do they not make these bikes re-charge the battery from your peddling? It seems like you’re wasting energy? No?

  23. Brandon Harrison February 5, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    Can ‘big’ people use these type of bikes??…. I’m a former Offensive lineman (+300lbs) trying to trim down and I’m wonder will the battery last with me… I know I will drain the battery ALOT more due to my weight… anybody here have experience with these types of bikes care to help me out? thanks…

  24. How are you able to hold onto the camera so steadily? Also, your audio sounds great too. Mind if I ask what gear you use?

  25. I now have 1,500 miles on mine after four months of riding to and from work every day. It’s been bulletproof for me. Put lock tite on the front light as vibration will move it around.

  26. Whats the price best regards Oscar

  27. Local dealers for me makes the choice between the XM700+ and Specialized Turbo. I see you’ve reviewed them both and praised them both. Which would you pick between them? Thanks!

  28. How tall are you? Do you think a 5’11 rider would be fine on a 50cm? Thanks

  29. Just got mine today and cant stay off of it. This still gives you a workout at higher speeds. I watched this video to learn the features.

  30. Did you say that this Bosch Performance version on’y increases the power assist in the Eco mode? And that the top mode is the same? I realize it goes to 28mph, but that sounds like a software tweak more than a more powerfully built motor itself. Also, I am aware some bike shops will tweak the software setting to make a 20mph top speed into 28mph. So if it’s only software changes, I feel cheated paying more a bosch performance over a regular bosch

  31. Should also mention I bought mine because of a severe leg injury to help with hills.

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