Tricked Out Fat Tire Ebike with Loads of Accessories

Tricked Out Fat Tire Ebike with Loads of Accessories

While visiting Best Electric Bikes in Denver Colorado, I met a gentleman named Ron who had a customized Motobecane fat tire bike which had been converted to electric using a Falco gearless hub motor. Ron said that he purchased the bike for a pretty good price at Bikes Direct. I’ve reviewed a few of the Falco hub motor kits at but have not covered his higher powered model.

Ron held the position of Chief Electronics Technician in the US Navy. He said that he has been building electric bikes for 15 years! mostly the fast transport style that can keep up with automobiles. One was capable of going 65 miles per hour… apparently the land speed record is 92 miles per hour. The custom fat electric bike we were looking at could reach 42 miles per hour. He told me that it cost him about $4,800 to build but many of the parts were purchased at discount.

The bike uses a chromoly steel frame, for strength. Apparently, the frame does flex a bit, but also offers some vibration dampening qualities. It weighs ~82 pounds, according to Ron. I noticed that the bike had a RockShox Bluto fat tire suspension fork and was told that it came stock on the frame when Ron purchased it.

Some things I noticed were the motor inhibitors that cut power whenever you pull the brakes. Ron said that this was necessary because the motor can sometimes activate on its own due to the very sensitive strain sensor (I experienced this myself when taking a test ride on his bike). The backup camera with LCD display panel that can be used as a rear-view mirror while riding. The double battery pack setup for increased range and power. He uses a Flick wireless Bluetooth button to change his smartphone readouts without having to reach all the way over and actually touch the screen. He even had some grocery store hangers to bring his supplies home. He customized a piece of metal to fit a double-leg kickstand… I love how it even allowed the pedals to turn backwards without locking. The batteries are both 48 volt 11.6 amp hour. He has a lot of keys (because each battery requires its own) and it sounds like both batteries must be charged independently. The bike even had an alarm with wireless fob built in and a GPS to track the bike if it gets stolen. He can track whether the bike has been moved via a smartphone app. He said that the GPS tracker was sold through a Kickstarter app. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Question: I have a 1000 Ecotric Hammer, 48 Volt, I want to use a 52 volt battery with. Is there any reason why the 48 volt controller would be damaged by this?

  2. Hey you guy should do a video on how you everything together with you out on it

  3. O deeerrr.

  4. love the rear camera idea…VERY neat

  5. This thing is amazing, so many amazing options, even love the centre stand. And the owner, is he David Lee Roths brother, or just a look alike?

  6. Yo Ron, I was only the azzhole that helped facilitate murder from above by keeping pc of shit A-4’s & CH-53’s in the air to make the gov’s elite tonz of cash, Fuk em! Your years of electrical knowledge may be advantageous to actually have you done more than pc part existing tech? Im interested in a bit of help with my project, I’ve zero knowledge of bikes other than riding during my youth, It isnt actually about bicycles although it is a base. contact me

  7. Really very nice

  8. *The included setup was very nice.≖>**** Good battery endurance. Easy to use. If you use it mostly on paved streets, change the tiers to smoother non-studded tires. It will make a tremendous difference in ride quality and road noise. Love the bike.*

  9. Nice!!

  10. Hey Coy, aka Ron… just found this video. Impressive to say the least! It would have been great to know and see just how he secures his fat tire bike with all those add ons. It would be great to see how to secure a folding fat tire bike ( lectric xp folding). Please do it!!

  11. 2 batterys on a bike, bad idea……i did that,paid for it….back wheel couldnt handle it

  12. wow, incredible setup!

  13. that is true passion for his build.

  14. Any recommendations for a double-leg kickstand..

  15. The fat tire make the bike going slower.And easier to get a flat tire.

  16. The trouble with this though is when the battery dies and you didn’t make it home you have one hell of a push with a 40kg bike.

  17. Did he call him Coy?

  18. I want that bum bag u have on the front

  19. Love this guy.. love the bike even more!

  20. This is hands-down the coolest ebike I have ever seen you should patent some of these things the one I like the most is the rear camera I don’t even like mirrors especially the one that goes in the end of the handlebars

  21. 4800!? Damn.

  22. Leatherneck 2038 January 30, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    I try not to continue spending on my fat bike, but man is it fun to do upgrades to them.

  23. 👍🏻

  24. To What and How did you power the rear view camera!!!!

  25. Rear back up camera vs mirror….genius

  26. Was he just using PAS on it? The camera is a brilliant idea.

  27. Would love to know the specs on his kickstand. I’m going crazy trying to find a double leg center mount kickstand for my 20×4" fat ebike 😛

  28. What Apps was he using

  29. I wanna buy my dad a electric bike with fat tires does 20-25 miles per hour with rang of 30 miles & under 1k USD & my dad is 6"3 tall guy Any recommendations¿

  30. Mark Reymund Mamauag January 30, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    With all the accesories, that bike looks neat! very nice cable management. Rear view mirror blows my mind. Well done Ron!

  31. What a beautiful man… can we see the bike a little more…

  32. welcometomychannels welcometomychannels January 30, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    Great design. I know he didn’t make frame but should have full suspension.

  33. nationofmillions January 30, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    Ebiking is a fun hobby

  34. Does anyone know about a gps tracker like he he referred to and also an alarm system for not a million $$ ?

  35. I have similar accessories but learned how to improve from this one. I must state I needed to focus my attention on ‘frames’ and I am very glad you both have shared your knowledge! I have been holding back on a decision for a higher speed capability in my dream build of and ebike (because of the concern for frame strength) I found a great article on that gave great information and attention to frame materials.

  36. News flash, Taiwan IS China AKA "The Republic of China" or ROC

  37. Nice mention of the wear on nylon gears in a lot of ebike motors and also it was nice to hear him comment on why not to use an aluminum frame on a ebike build this heavy.

  38. Very impressive Ron. You have every possible accessory on your ebike but the way you did it the ebike looks clean . Why can’t I have a friend like you to hang out with and work on our ebikes together?

  39. Bets its a pain when you have to go in to a store etc, all the crap you have to take off and take with you.

  40. This guy is the real Pee Wee Herman

  41. Quadruple cringe..

  42. Medial Gestionpublicitaria January 30, 2021 @ 8:59 pm


  43. bro let the guy talk ffs, you gotta work on your communication skills

  44. LOL… He really ghettoed out his ride… talk about killing battery time availability …whatever works for YOU folks !
    I’m a former Navy Electronics Tech, so can relate to his experimentation 🤗

  45. Goes to show you that there have always been gay men in the Navy…

  46. Can you send me a link to the kick stand? . What metal part did you have built for it to work?.

  47. Can you do a video on what are amps, amp hours etc etc?

  48. Wonder what kind of water bottle holder that is? I like it…

  49. Awesome bike. I like it. It’s unique. Self-built were finally the beginning of all electric bicycles. A true inventor of the early days of electric mobility. Nice video, Court.

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