Turn an old bike into an ebike – cheap & easy IMortor conversion kit

Turn an old bike into an ebike – cheap & easy IMortor conversion kit

Converting an old bike into an ebike with the IMortor conversion kit.

iMortor 26 inch Bicycle Wheel https://www.banggood.com/custlink/v3vmUDVtPB
Spare battery https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3GKhVDtQB7
Ebike stuff https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mG3hdFfwTi
Imortor pedal assist:

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  1. This is exactly what I need. Omg thank you God bless

  2. Y’a t’il une notice en français

  3. How long the battery last..? Link of the product

  4. Why such a Rinky dink battery, why not attach a big battery to the frame connected with wire, seems the technology is available.

  5. How far on one charge?

  6. This video should become a template for other utubers . Thank you for not wasing my time and speaking clearly

  7. @01:40 😲 That you have ground away and the added 5 – 6kg weight of the Ebike drive? Could over stress & have made the area so weak that the forks may eventually fail to hold the wheel in place.

  8. Where can u order the bike wheel ?

  9. This small battery is not enough

  10. How fast can you go? How long does the battery last?

  11. Me interesa cuanto cuesta y como lo compro,

  12. I want one for a 20 inch bicycle. Do they sell them?

  13. Can be battery be charged by pedalling?

  14. 리뷰가 깔끔하고 좋네요

  15. I am Sri Lanka how much it cost

  16. I wonder if you mounted a front wheel kit like to a bike that already has a rear wheel kit with twist throttle how they would work together. Not necessarily controlled by the same EDC just standalone but on the same bike.

  17. Great review. Short and to the point 👍
    Although I think a range of 9miles isn’t that impressive

  18. Chinese-English instruction manuals are the best.."Be super happy most honorable caring or battery will explode and die you".

    I’ve seen these on Ebay and the price is definitely affordable, thanks to this vid I want one now..if extra batteries could be purchased as well that is..?

  19. Can you extend the battery on this?

  20. by far not enough accu capacity

  21. *Taking it apart. I would have to say thats a great comprehensive review!*

  22. The price was never mentioned!

  23. Where can I get 1 of that wheel?

  24. looks like a great kit, one of the easiest to install. I am a bit concerned though that the battery capacity is a little low, my current batteries are both at least 10,000 mah and I would like them to be of larger capacity.Unless this thing is super efficient and 3200mah is enough. I would buy but I feel my next kit should be at least 1000watt.

  25. How much is the range

  26. 250w motor, that’s ridiculously underpowered,pedal cyclists will be overtaking you.

  27. Where can I get one
    And what is the price

  28. What size spacing does the fork needs to be? Cause I have a mountain bike but the imotor wheel simply won’t fit. The Imotor wheel is like 4.5 inches wide at the hub and my bike hub spacing is only around 3.5 inches.

  29. you forgot a Importat thing… what about the disk break?…

  30. Absolute garbage.

  31. skeppy twitch streams December 20, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    Can you like program the top speed of it?

    Edite: yea you acthualy can on the app

  32. good job! instructive and objective product presentation

  33. Password 6666

  34. So the link takes you to bang good and right now in dec. 2020 it’s priced at $360.00. Not bad I suppose. Definitely not as good as higher end models or purpose built e bikes but if your turning an old beach cruiser or old mtb. Not bad at all considering you do get everything including battery and charger. Other diy kits sell the wheel hub only with wiring kit for 300 US dollars but the battery and charger will cost another 300 to 400 or more depending on size of battery. I think this is great for what it is and turns your old bike to an ebike fairly quick and easy and not too expensive compared to other diy kits or purpose built or serious e bikes. If you can buy a second battery to take with you now that would be awesome!

  35. That wheel doesn’t look right. There’s no torsional bracing in how it’s laced. You could break a spoke or flange over time

  36. Looks more like an xt30 than an xt60.

  37. شكد السعر او هل ممكن توصيل للعراق

  38. How much for one of these

  39. What happens if I hit a huge pothole ?

  40. Bottom fork opening of your love car :-))
    Great video,short and simple !!bravo

  41. Perfect I need 2000w please $

  42. Too bad it’s dosing you with rf the whole time.

  43. Looks fantastic I’ve got to get one well done buddy well explained

  44. What happens when braking while the motor is running?

  45. i can’t find this model in 27.5 inch, anyone got a clue where i can find that ? or a link ?

  46. Do you have to use a phone?

  47. Thank you for the highly informative yet unpretentious demo! Nicely done…

  48. I’d change the cheap batteries and put some decent ones in I found the cheap battery’s that come with ebikes drain too quick

  49. How long time we can ride😐😐

  50. Does it work without an iPhone?

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