UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike – honest review

UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike – honest review

Hey guys, I got a chance to review this electric 2 wheel drive utility bike for some time, ride it test it and tell you what I think. Lets just say that its not my cup of coffee (i dont drink tea), but at the same time it is quite interesting vehicle. I used the word “interesting” way too much in the video, but that is the best word I could think of to describe UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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Ubco 2 wheel drive electric utility bike review

Readers Comments (50)

  1. Ugly as hell and for $7k, it’s a hard pass.

  2. I’d buy one but Needs better heavy duty suspension for increased carry weight, higher speed minimum 80kmh.
    Another battery on top of main or tucked under the seat would be great to increase range.

  3. I could use it. The price is not my favorite but if I take out the maintenance for oil and filters, chains and sprockets plus gas I think it’s worth it

  4. LUDOVIK MALKOVICH November 26, 2020 @ 7:06 pm

    Us old timers think e -bikes are a gimmick, ask someone who is 16 if e-bikes are a gimmick or the future, gas engines will always be there but electric will take over, when the batteries hold charges longer and more wattage, and they charge up as fast as it takes to drink a coffee from the machine next to the rapid charger while you wait, plus at moment the price structure is crazy, the Chinese will sort that out and most of these companies will be bust as they won’t compete on prices. . . $8k for this, a welded up tube frame, two wheel motors and a battery,

  5. Hydraulic brakes should give good stopping distance but seems like they might be a point of failure. Hydraulics could potentialy leak, freeze, or suffer damage that is difficult to repair on the trail.

  6. I Agree This would make a great farm bike, nice and quiet so you dont scare the livestock, i often go to a friends farm in western NSW Australia, highlight of the day is waking up early and going for a ride to see the deer, kangaroos and emus and mega fox that is as big as a large dog. trouble is the farm 2 stroke is very revvy and loud and the 4 stroke bikes thump and the exhaust/engine scares off the animals. Also as the farm is a weekender, the bikes often take a bit of work to start, often the 1st morning is dedicated to get them up and running, so from a maintenance point of view A+ for ubco. Back to reality and in an urban area, we live in a coastal area and use a piaggio fly 150 scooter to get around in the summer months to the beach and down to the cafe, those sorts of trips, were parking can be in an issue in a car.
    This would be perfect with a little more power for wife on the back and 70km an hr top speed with be a bonus. Im looking forward to further upgrades and updates

  7. I would like to see more cargo motorcycle/scooter manufactures consider the front stationary rack, great to hold a tackle bag or bolt down box with your gear or road kit. $7k & I get a electric cargo motorcycle with 93 mile range! or more if driven slow, 60mph capable. Becuase no pedals on that, not a bicycle in the U.S.

  8. Everything in New Zealand is bloody expensive ☹

  9. I thank Jesus for this Bike! Some of you complain how expensive this bike is but compared to the cost of your car, motorbike this is so friendly to your wallet! It cannot go as far as a car or fuel bike but if you want 200km then buy another battery. This is the next best thing and its far better then a standard e bike too! This would be use on the farm and to your work and you can also take it on light trails so that is what it is used for. So with that it such a blessing in Jesus that this bike is available and why wouldn’t you get one if it is going to save you each year?

  10. I’m going to test drive one hopefully tomorrow. I’m too old to wait a few years for price to come down and just started traveling Australia for a couple of years. Want to hang it off the back of the campervan a Fiat Ducato which is diesel. Electric means I don’t have to carry petrol and can charge in caravan parks if I’m not free camping. Have a bike license and tried a Kalkhoff electric bicycle but the dog couldn’t cope with the basket. Thanks for the review, first I’ve seen with the detail

  11. Over priced and under powered, and then there is the insurance, again it will be quite high as all electric bikes seem to be expensive on insurance for some reason.

    For what you are getting you could just go with an electric push bike and skip the insurance plus the price tag for the item, and you could probably go a lot further on a charge as some electric bikes go over 100 miles on a charge.

  12. I prefer to build my own.

  13. 2k more gets you a zero fx, right?

  14. I like it but if you sourced your own battery , hubs and get a old bmx and some scrap metal you could build something cool at a fraction of the price .

  15. Have you tried the 02 pursuit compressed air dirt bike.?

  16. You will never be banned but there is no reason ICE can’t run on alcohol. Not that hard to convert. The Ford Model T had a switch to go from alcohol to gasoline. However that said if you are off grid you can charge from solar. Lots harder to get gasoline in the middle of nowhere. Cheap fuel and convenience of never having to pay for gas. Easy maintenance. So many reasons to go electric. You could easily convert a fat tire off road mountain bike for well under 2k dollars. Having a speed under 30 allows you to get a moped license which is 22 dollars one time fee in California.

  17. I think it is cool looking. Price tag a year from this review was made is MSRP $6999 + tax & shipping. A time when you can get the Sur-Ron X for around half that. I’m thinking if you wanted something like this it would be more cost effective to retro fit a Honda Ruckus or Ruckus clone with two hub motors and get approx the same experience for way less.

  18. It’s intended use is as a farm utility bike, also, a lot of hunters are using them here in NZ to scope out wild game without scaring them away with a gas motorbike. The 2 wheel drive is perfect for getting into mountainous terrain and you can haul in all your base camp gear easily plus load out anthing you’ve harvested. I’m building an off road camper for hunting and surfing and I’ll buy one of these to mount on a rack, it only weighs 65kg so I’ll be able to load it on and off without any help. Perfect.

  19. Bicycles make life and cities better.
    Healthy exercise, fossil fuels free transportation and great for social distancing.
    All electric transportation is the future.

  20. 💖💖💖👍👍👍

  21. OzarksTactical Homesteading November 26, 2020 @ 7:26 pm

    Pretty cool, and pretty expensive. That battery looks like it’s just 18650 cells too… 6K? Unfortunately at that price for many it’s nothing more than a novelty purchase for those who have 6K too spend on a whim.

    Keep developing it, and get your price down, if y’all really want to sell these things.

  22. This would be ideal for security use around parks and areas where you wouldn’t want someone to hear you sneaking up on them

  23. Hello Sir,
    I am a very keen cyclist in my early 50’s…I have always been the type who likes to pack as much as I can on or in to what ever I happen to be driving.
    I currently have a nice eMTB which is fully kitted out for touring.
    Even with two carrier’s and bag’s it still can manage some fairly tough trailing with it’s 500w rear motor…I paid 1200euro for it back in 2017.
    My point is…I would be interested in that machine as it would suit my type of requirements…only the price seems a bit high at the moment.
    Not much insensitive for people who are trying to move with the times ecologically.
    Thanks and safe riding my friend.

  24. I did a quick test ride on this…it was cool…but, on the website they are 7k us dollars. Far far over priced. Neat, yes. But only for people who have serious extra money or possibly a business or government work. Bicycle parts are not built for long term use, they are built as light weight as possible. They work great until they don’t.

  25. Thomas Mikkelsen November 26, 2020 @ 7:33 pm

    Very cool bike, with balloon tires it would be like an electric Rokon. The 2 wheel drive Rokons are also around the 6000 dollar mark, and have been sold since the 60’s. That suggests to me that there is a market for this kind of vehicle! Nice review, would have liked to see it handle some terrain where the 2 wheel drive would have been usefull though 😉

  26. This whole "I’M a petrol guy still, I wouldn’t spend that money…" talk really seems geared not to frighten his core audience.
    I guess we can all be glad even the most "manly" petrolheads are noticing EV are here and getting better especially if you put salaried man-hours into your whole total cost of ownership comparison. But maybe thats the point, all this accrued male knowledge about how to run and fix ICE vehicles going to waste (not that tinkering with EVs isn’t fun) sure seems scary.

  27. Need to load it down

  28. Too expensive for what you get

  29. Rokons are the best for the mountains. The dirt bikes screw up roads for all drivers of off road.

  30. Hopefully Rado, if the day comes where they outlaw gas powered motos, we’ll give them a bloody hard time to enforce it, they cant stop all of us, right?

  31. the Screaming Jets tribute November 26, 2020 @ 7:41 pm

    I saw one parked at a bike shop here in Australia. $8000. I’m gonna wait a few years until other companys start making them, the prices will drop a whole lot more. Great review though 10/10.

  32. Wooow nice i Love it

  33. I’d rather have something with pedal-assist. You never know if the power system should fail… water; not paying attention to usage level; accident.
    …and $6k!!! Are you serious? Could buy a dirt bike for half that.

  34. Little House on the HWY November 26, 2020 @ 7:44 pm

    Great video. Really enjoyed it. New subscriber. Thumbs up.

  35. LUDOVIK MALKOVICH November 26, 2020 @ 7:45 pm

    the only two-wheel off-road E-Bike that makes sense, power, mileage, weight, riding position, simple, no derailleur, hidden cables, it all adds up.

  36. Electric bike’s have no range. Until range is beefed up and price goes down nothing big is going to happen. To place a ban on gas engines is to kneel before communism. Freedom first!

  37. Looks like the battery can be stolen easily, does it require a key to unlock the battery and detached it from the bike?

  38. 30mph lol

  39. Wish they where a bit cheaper i had a ride on one today wS awsome

  40. Ya for 6k the is small. If they cannot provide same quality for 1k then the electric bikes will not make it for a practical person

  41. A little Honda Grom/Monkey/Cub or a Kawasaki Z125… or any 50-159cc scooter will take you further, faster, and likely better engine(motor) life for less than half the price.

    I eventually would like an electric bike but this is far farrrrr too expensive

  42. This is cool, but way too expensive. The electric bike that the delivery guys use in New York City is only $1500 and they look at damn near indestructible. It’s all on their many names now but commonly called the arrow.

  43. Good old New Zealand. The Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike (https://manta5.com) is another recent winner from that country.

    I’m looking forward very much to this next phase of propulsion becoming mainstream – It just GOES without making a big deal about it, and without a big load of noise and smoke. The main limiting factor currently is the energy storage, but that is improving in fits and starts since Li-ion batteries became a reality in the 1990s, and readily available in about 2009, in what I think of as modern batteries’ "public beta" phase Just one of the advantages is that more than 90% of the energy is used, rather than the 15 – 20% that you get out of petrol with old-school, complex banger engines (ie. motocross bikes).

  44. Joseph Tucciarone November 26, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

    I used to buy motorcycles, both dirt and street. None of them were ever speed governed. The UBCO is a great bike. Excellent bakes and suspension. Easy to ride with its low seat and low center of gravity. I would buy one it my local government would let me ride it on the horse/bicycle paths in recreational areas, and not just on the street bike lanes. The UBCO is too powerful, more than 1hp.

  45. I was thinking this would be worth splurging on. Yeah, I’d pay $1,500. But then you said $6K. lol. Great review, btw.

  46. Here’s the deal. If you have one of these bikes, after buying it you don’t have to feed it. If you have your own solar panels you travel for free. Of course you will have parts to maintain like tires and brakes. Replacing the battery would be a big expense but they go for several years. The cool thing is that you can sneak up on animals with them. You get to see a lot more wild life. It is also a huge ice breaker for meeting people. Everyone stares at you when your driving one and they want to know all about them. The reason they are so expensive is because you are helping develop a new technology and that’s a good thing. This is a bike you buy for the fun factor if you can afford it. Pay to play.

  47. Price is an off putter plus looks aint too pretty , could put up with it though if it was’nt for the above plus it’s really too small, would need to stand up on any non flat surfaces which my old legs are not happy with. Maybe a nice little work horse can’t see much else to use it for !

  48. If stuff like this has 100km distance it would be so great, but 75 km is not enough. Closest big city is 30 km and if I count step hills and terrain and 90+kg and actuall communitng in a city it would too close not to making it. If those things get 25% better range it will be very nice and more useful.

  49. unlock the top speed on that beast

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