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  1. Rob Shuttleworth March 4, 2021 @ 10:13 pm

    Good report!

  2. That awesome song kinda overshadows the video

  3. j’ai essay茅 le Metro A2B d’Ultra Motor. Avantage premier son look qui interpelle par la discr茅tion des batteries.

  4. Way overpriced at the moment. Under $1,000 seems about right

  5. The real question is: How long will the batteries last? How many cycles? I have yet to find a review on that.

  6. I could get it home with a dead battery.

  7. atwistoflemming March 4, 2021 @ 10:29 pm

    I found the music horrible and terribly irritating. I’m afraidit spoilt the video

  8. Be careful.. I just bought this bike and smoked the motor, which locked up the rear whell after a week. Couldn’t even pedal the damn thing home. Shop couldn’t troubleshoot problem, so Ultra motor is going to send me a new bike…. Not too confidence inspiring, especially since I couldn’t even pedal home, nor could I push it.

  9. Is it necessary to wear a helmet?
    I heard it’s okay to ride ebike as long as its speed limit is 20mph.
    What happens if we make it higher?
    Thinking of getting one but I have no info about ebike

  10. $2700 at Best Buy.

  11. do you need to be 18 to ride it ?

  12. Yes I’ts Horrible.

  13. Can somebody please tell me from who yhe music is in this film, its very cool.

  14. If you swung your leg over the bike like a man, the key issue goes away !

  15. BiknutProductions March 4, 2021 @ 10:42 pm

    It looks like a nice bike, but 20 mph seems a little too slow for riding in traffic. 40 mph is more like it.

  16. I have noticed several of these Ambassadors on Youtube…did you get a free bike? Look up Federal law…you cant pedal much faster than 2-3 mph more or else you will go over 20 mph..thus putting it in a different class of transportation.

  17. hi ive got some question !?

    how Long Hold’s Batery !?
    How To Recharg it !?
    if you crash this bike with something would be destroyet
    it is expensive to buy !?

    Thats all thnx 馃槢

  18. Again, said who? I heard that lie / fairytale a few times already. Fact is, 90% of a lithium ion battery is recyclable and absolutely non toxic. Some types can even be…eaten.

    And they’re not catching on you say? How about 200,000 sold per year in the US? How about 100 million of them in China?

  19. Does pedaling or coasting charge the battery?

  20. This bike is great for places with lots of hills like SF and Seattle. Not to rob anyone of their exercise, but when you yourself are out of gas and can barely pedal, then this helps alot. I rode this around in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and had lots of fun. I didn”t want to turn this back to the scooter shop. The fact that you can ride along with all the other bikers on the bike trails with this bike is great. @ 2700 this quite the investment, but well worth it.

  21. That was terrible. The video was aweful, the music annoying and I can’t hear a word you are saying. The running footage looks like bad Blair Witch outakes. On top of that, your facts are wrong. I have owned this bike for almost a year and can say that you have had no more than a day’s experience with it.

  22. …Said who? And based on what facts / thoughts?

    No I don’t think a cruiser frame would be better, think about it, women have to get on and off too, and not all are 15 years old.

  23. couldn’t hear you…

  24. @ScooterNews The music sucked and was even more annoying given the fact that you were talking to the ground.

  25. The tires are too fat too fit into the slots of the Sport Work bicycle racks on public transit buses. Thus I have designed a bike tire shoe that can be securely strapped onto each tire. This shoe will fit into slot and provide the stable foundation to secure the bike on the rack.

  26. anyone know how to open the battery? I removed all the screw but it wont open. Pretty sure there is clip inside but dont know exact location. Any help will be good.

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