Unboxing a $12,000 e-bike! | Trek Bicycles Rail 9.9

Unboxing a $12,000 e-bike! | Trek Bicycles Rail 9.9

We’ve been collecting a whole bunch of 2020 eMTBs for our upcoming ebike roundup review, and the most expensive bike in the bunch has just arrived!

The 2020 @Trek Bicycle Rail 9.9 retails for $11,999 and can be upgraded to an even higher price if you take advantage of Trek’s Project One custom paint program.

Equipped with a SRAM AXS Eagle drivetrain, Rock Shox spec and carbon Bontrager wheels, this bike is state of the art with all the latest components. Trek Bikes uses the new Gen 4 Bosch Gen 4 CX ebike motor and a removable battery.

Stay tuned for a full review on theloamwolf.com

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  1. I think I’ll just get a new xc and dh bike.

  2. $12,000 is insane. I have two E-bikes Cannondale Cujo Neo’s. I paid less than $4,000 brand new for both. They are perfect for me and my wife. One day I’d like full suspension but at these prices it’s a big NO WAY for now.

  3. Aww I was hoping to see the paint job that has the gold (Yes actualy GOLD) leaf and lettering XD, up in canada that bike is almost $20000, Which is 35% of the populations yearly net income!! Start saving up now kids.
    Also I was hoping to see a proper ride down whistler’s best runs

  4. 12K Emtb……WOW, that is a rip off. I can buy a KTM 350 6 days for less.

  5. where can I buy the shirt ?

  6. What’s weight?

  7. Thanks for doing ebike reviews. I own electric and accoustic. They both have their place in cycling despite what the purists say. I am interested in what Trek achieved for weight on this bike?? That would be the reason to go w the very expensive carbon frame….I assume. My take is that aluminum makes more sense considering that weight is going to be in the 50lb range and that ride feel will be abrahms tank like either way. Do they have an aluminum version w top spec? So many questions about this very fetching bike. Love the look of that new gen Bosch motor.

  8. Damn, bike is so far, cant see anything

  9. That’s so stupid! Pedal faster!!
    I’ve got a couple Treks, nice bikes, 12,000? …stupid.

  10. 12 grand? Overpriced to the max! 👎

  11. Great vids, just subbed! This deserves more views, I would recommend using SMZeus it will help you get the views you deserve!

  12. Regular Guy Mountain Biking December 14, 2020 @ 9:36 pm

    That’s some bike! I’ve got a Norco Sight VLT coming in for 2020 👍

  13. I’m good with my roscoe 8 for now!!!

  14. My dream bike mannnnnm

  15. Brainl3ss Pr0ducti0ns December 14, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    I only have a marlin 5!😢

  16. AA GAMEZ and cycling factor December 14, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

    If you give me this bike ill give 1million subscribers

  17. For 12K this bike better fly

  18. Never 12000 worth.. i get a motorcycles for this money… the shit e bikes are to expensive.. they are stupid

  19. Wtf you didn’t even ride it lmao 😂

  20. Mohammed Abolhija December 14, 2020 @ 9:54 pm


  21. For that much and not XTR brakes?

  22. How do y’all get such pricey things with a smaller channel?

  23. How does it ride? Thinking about a 9.8

  24. Why is the travel on that bike so small tho

  25. Yay. First time I’ve ever posted the first comment on any vid.

    I just bought a brand new
    2020 Norco Range e bike

    Get it on Christmas Eve day !!

    Can’t wait 😊

  26. I Love the shirt man!! I need one of those. There is so much hate sometimes to E-bikers!

  27. The scene is being saturated to the point of being a total piss take
    The bottom is going to fall out very soon and a lot of bike companies are going to fold

  28. I want a E-Bike so bad, I feel it would help me loose weight and keep me motivated at the same time but I simply just cant afford one they are priced out of my reach.

  29. Noice shirt dudddde…….. where can buy?

  30. Not worth the money

  31. That is once blacked out bike, and that belt has a few more holes in I’m sure you could use so you don’t have to keep picking your pants up.

  32. I’m done supporting a 200% mark-up industry, and from what I can tell, many more are beginning to recoil from the blatant out of control price gouging the bike industry maintains.

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