Video Review: Stealth H-52 electric bike eats up tight trails

Video Review: Stealth H-52 electric bike eats up tight trails

Stealth Electric Bikes makes some of the baddest e-bikes around, but what happens when you replace the pedals with dirtbike-style pegs? We climbed aboard Stealth’s H-52 model to find out.

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Test riders: Chris Edwards, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video: Darren Quick, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video production: Chris Blain, Loz Blain

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  1. *Very clean◔◔>>**せJ** really useful and I am using it 4 days a week to go to work. Battery life is very long. I haven’t charged it and it’s still working fine. I also go to the gym with it after a great workout the bike just takes me home with me doing much on it. This is a great help especially since I am trying to cut cost. Great value for money I really recommend this product. Do not hesitate to buy.*

  2. A citycoco is a cheaper alternative if you wanna cruise

  3. Ya I’m still here for my price to get my b52 stealth bomber ebike

  4. 9500 wow

  5. Ho much ?

  6. How much is


  8. Can someone give me the link so I can buy one please

  9. shitbike

  10. I had a nightmare with that in it twice.once before I knew it exhisted.HAVE to buy it by October hopefully.

  11. This would. Be a dreeam

  12. $10,000? Nope.

  13. How many kw?

  14. What’s a push bike?

  15. Yovanny Enmanuel Burgos December 2, 2020 @ 7:50 pm

    Pues yo mejor me compro la G125 muchos mejor que esa

  16. this is the near future, but for now too expencive.

  17. Where to buy ?

  18. lol what a pos. for the money go buy a KTM lol

  19. This is awesome man make more videos about them I want one so bad I can’t stop watching this video the bike is so awesome 👍

  20. 12000$ wtf, i can buy subaru wrxsti 04′

  21. finally someone showing it climb. it does great IMO. all the adds show it doing basic ass shit. why not promoting it for its full range of capabilities. I had my doubts before. but it can climb. so ill start saving $$$

  22. They were talking this stupid shit electric "bike" crap years ago. Sure, cause everyone wears a motorcycle helmet on a fucking bike.

  23. That looks like a blast, all the fun of riding a dirt bike without the exhaustion of wrestling around a 250 pound machine.

  24. I bought my Lectric XP in January 2020 to get rid of excess weight. I ended up losing 77 pounds, and my legs are like tree trunks. I have 2 batteries and have travelled 65 miles round trip. I currently have 2400 miles on my ebike. Life is great… or, was great. Last week, at 2400 miles, the bike broke down electronically. Left me stranded, twice. Had to walk home several miles. Lectric company says it’s still under warranty, but will take a long time to get the part needed to fix. Coming from China and from I got from the tech, this prob is happening to thousands of Lectric bikes. So, I stop riding for how long? A month, maybe2 or 3…. I don’t think so. I am going to buy another bike from another brand cuz this one is no longer reliable. It’s just taking up space in my bike barn. The unfortunate part is I just finished building my solar bike barn so my bike is propelled by sun and keto… I hope Lectric realizes that my warranty is on pause until it is fixed. They can’t take a month or several months and expect the warranty to keep running. So, if u want this bike, I totally recommend it. Just have secondary transportation and Uber on stand by. P.s. no public transportation where I live. ur on ur own here

  25. without pedal assist makes it illegal to ride on most trails on USA, and at that price i find it pointless.

  26. How much?

  27. Come down to earth 🌍 population awaits solar energy

  28. Enough to get some bones broken 😂 or spend the entire life on a wheelchair crying

  29. Haha. What does a common man do? buy a 650 CC 61Hp cruiser like the Vulcan s for $8500. or this for $9500. I like offroading but I’ll stick to normal mountain bikes ranging from $100-$2000…

  30. moha le Californien December 2, 2020 @ 8:11 pm


  31. Martin Hromočuk December 2, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    Maybe 5-7 years and technology of electric vehicles will be way hight than now.

  32. 9500 why not just buy a new 5k gas dirt bike

  33. So fast

  34. these things are ridiculously over priced

  35. it just needs one thing . Pedals again . Stealth should really build a flywheel drive or even get into mid-drives like Luna . that would rock! 👌

  36. Electric power is great,but add a Solar Panel and charge while parked/riding.Endless charge for riding without any fuel,its free from the sun.Come on,lets get this Solar power thing going.

  37. Are we still here 2020 ?????

  38. that is mint

  39. Does it really cost close to that much to produce one of these?

  40. Virgilio Bautista December 2, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    How much pls

  41. I’ll keep my kx100 and ride legally on state owned trails with plate

  42. its a motorcycle without all the bullshit that comes with a motorcycle
    its a perfect sweet spot of transportation and fun

  43. KAREEM IKEEM BEATS December 2, 2020 @ 8:25 pm

    Mines is being shipped this month ✅ BIKE LIFE

  44. Cooking With Le Sandre December 2, 2020 @ 8:25 pm

    damn squeeze that seat plz haha

  45. Rays Metal Tracks December 2, 2020 @ 8:27 pm

    Hmmm, as a dirt-bike guy now with a couple kiddos, this could be a very cool thing to keep my little adrenaline junkies going, while not pissing off campers and folks everywhere we go when we wanna bust out the KTMs. Being able to run these through campsites and get a bit nuts without the loud pipes and dirty Karen glances is very attractive. But I do see a couple drawbacks. For $9k plus each basically, thats roughly a $30k investment. Ouch. Okay, lets say I sell one of my kids kidneys and we shell out the cash – while I think they are awesome, they are a tad under powered I think for my little dirt monsters likes. They are power mongers, and it looks like these go well downhill, but uphill I can see them being a bit underwhelming. You guys pump up the HP a bit, get those back wheels spinning (cause’ come on, the back wheels gotta’ spin, right?!), and we are in. If you could drop that price-tag a bit, we would be even better. My KTM’s were $7k a pop, that’s cheaper than the Stealth. You have me on the noise, now lets just beef up that beef a bit, drop the prices a couple G’s and we are in biz.

  46. Who gives a shit how much it costs?!? That shit is wicked. I’d never stop ridin it

  47. GhostLY music/beats December 2, 2020 @ 8:29 pm

    How many miles each charge?

  48. What’s the top speed?

  49. Are you able to ride it down a footpath

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