VLOG : The New Bike (Italjet Buccaneer) | Sushant Pradhan

VLOG : The New Bike (Italjet Buccaneer) | Sushant Pradhan

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I was a weak high school kid. A mere 47 kg for a guy who was 5’9″. I am the traveler of a journey that started for physical development. Needless to say, physical development wasn’t all I acquired from the journey. The journey itself was (and still is) one of the greatest teachers that I have learnt from, lessons of Mental and Psychological empowerment. I started workout out at the age of 18 years. At the beginning, I just wanted to look average. My initial goal was to join the gym and gain some weight and then leave the gym forever, but that didn’t happen. With every small progress, I started getting more and more motivated to reach the next step and that never stopped. However, the meaning for ‘the next step‘ changed for me. After a while, that next step changed from wanting to get myself better to wanting to help others get better and attack life with confidence. To help them stare down at life’s adversity and take back what’s theirs. You see, body image has a huge impact on one’s life, how they talk, walk, behave and carry themselves changes drastically on the basis of how they perceive their physical state as. Being healthy and fit gives people that confidence to carry themselves and I’ve seen that happening. I’ve seen people change positively in front of my eyes. And that’s what gives me the utmost pleasure in life.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. My dad gonna buy me bick… fuck off … my father is farmer..

  2. A very stylish motorcycle 👍✌ good driving

  3. Dai bhairahawa or butwal Ma yesko show room xa

  4. see pachi yie bike boro

  5. wow great nice 🌹💘🌹💕😀🌹

  6. nice bike

  7. Son of iron!! You chose the right. Shit!!nice bike

  8. Sorry, Ugliest bike ever

  9. Yesko showroom kaha xa dai

  10. Little more changes and it will be perfect cafe racer

  11. China bike with italjet tag! Nothing here is italian

  12. Are you Odia?!

  13. Dai yesko mileage, speed, Ani afule chalauda ko thrust ko barema ni video dinu nw your ownership review bro of 1yrs

  14. Where do get modified bro
    Can you please me location?

  15. What’s the meaning of that 59

  16. What other things you wish to have on this bike Sushant bro?

  17. This is really a great classic look bike …. but I just wanted to know is that ,, I’m just a 5.2 height person so is there any idea for this bike .. please !!

  18. where did you get the taillight from? nepal or from elsewhere? ✌

  19. Total kati paisa gayo bike kinda rw modifie handa Bro

  20. Dari kata bro, kahe suhako chaina, like muslim…… body chai ho tara face aloo potato…

  21. Showroom kata ho??

  22. I am 6"2 With 87 kgs… malai suhaaucha holaa ?

  23. congratulations bro. bikes looks sick with those subtle mods 👍🔥
    is that Handel bar applicable with Duke 200?

  24. k ho gogs maa sapana clear dekhxa vanera ho bro

  25. Good job vai,business garirachau tyo ni nepal ma as a byapari in nepal( i do heavy equipment) ani kati garo huncha i understand

  26. What’s the price?

  27. Bro Tapaile handle bars ani mirrors Haru modify garnu vako xa. k road ma legal xa ki illegally chalaunu vako ho?

  28. Congrats on you 100K views. 😀

  29. Samrat Basnetkaji December 14, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

    Dai euta full review handinu paryoo italjet 250i ko

  30. https://youtu.be/-boDSBrvalk
    Check this for sound of italjet

  31. Kumari pati jim monthly kati ho daju??

  32. Dai milage kati dinxa and servicing cost kati xa dai? And bike kasto xa please give ownership review of your bike

  33. jai jawan jai kisan December 14, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    Thanks bro i was looking review of this bike in review in english .. everywhere i found reciews in malaysian language..

  34. Mug Nepali ma bollna jatha k natak pare rakhako🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  35. Daii wahts its price in Nepal and where it’s showroom is located

  36. babbal daju

  37. Cool bike can you measure the fuel tank? I am making a cafe racer and love the lbs of the Italjet tank but I see no measurement anywhere online. Thank you, enjoy your bike it’s cool.


  39. where did you install custom handle and other??

  40. Milege kati ho

  41. Bro yo bike ko price kati ho??

  42. Can we decrease weight height?

  43. Bro yo handel modify garda nepal ko traffic haru le ke vandaina ?

  44. Euta genuine question for you hai.. Being born and raised in Nepal, how come you are more comfortable in English than in Nepali? You might be speaking only English in your school but how about in your home? How about when you meet friends and relatives? Do yo speak English most of the time with them too? Okay, I m not trying to judge you .. infact I like your blog and your whole personality…. My question is just out of curiosity..no offense bro hai..

  45. Kati ho dam

  46. The engine sounds bigger than the 250cc it is. Nice looking bike, very sporty. Congratulations.

  47. Danm those v twin

  48. Dai hajur le yo modifications kata garnu vako

  49. How fast does she goes?130,140km/hr…?

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