Volt bike yukon 750 (Accessories)

Volt bike yukon 750 (Accessories)

I got accessories once the bike showed up. Everything seemed to work with the bike.
the bike seat was key. you effectively give yourself rear suspension for cheap.
Mirors were a must these are dorky but they work. I’m more satisfied than I thought I would be.
When I got the bike my Autistic Daughter was a big reason why! She already loves it! she’s non verbal but will muster the ability to ask for “bike ride”.
The phone mount is good. it’s versatile and functional, doesn’t block my camera (incredibly), and I have hit curbs without it jarring free. so it feels cheap but it works well. it also fits my S20 Ultra!
The Extender bar is so plasticky and is small then you think… but it comes up big when organizing a hectic handle bar, you could use it anywhere on the bike you want as well. but don’t think it is strong…

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  1. Great job on the add-ons. U R a Great Dad!

  2. Nice, you can change pedal assist from 1-9 to 1-5 , I did on my and I like it

  3. Customizing your bike is all part of the fun. I’ve spent more on accessories than the bike itself. (cheap bike lol)

  4. I have the Daway seat….combine it with a suspension post and it will be like riding a sofa !

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