What Frame Material Is Best For E Bikes? | Carbon vs Aluminium

What Frame Material Is Best For E Bikes? | Carbon vs Aluminium

Should you buy a carbon E Mountain Bike or an aluminium bike? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, here’s Steve to help explain the differences ⚡️

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What material is your EMTB made from?

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Readers Comments (33)

  1. you haven´t answerd the question….. I don´t see de point of this video.

  2. It’s definitely cost then personal preference. Steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, titanium. And then there’s graphene $$$$$. The technology is getting better every year. Methods and materials are getting better every year. I think it comes down to cost first, then personal preference. The next innovations will be on accessories. Wheels ,spokes, brakes, seats, bars, posts, wireless, shoes , clothing, helmets, etc. There’s some weight saving to be had in these areas and those will also be personal preference and cost too. The variety is going to be endless. (Said everyone 25 yrs ago).

  3. @ Lucas brings up a good point. Has ANY bike company developed a TITANIUM e-mtb yet???

  4. hi I watch your all video a lot of information for e bike Junior ! may I ask you questions compare focus jam2 6.7 Plus aluminium frame ,battery 625wh ,Engine Bosch Performance CX Gen4, 75 Nm, or Merida eOne Sixty LTD ED alloy frame ,Battery Shimano 504Wh, Engine Shimano E8000; 70Nm which one is better ! Thanks your help please.

  5. Steel out of question? Its no good ! Steel is durable, alumminum away more weak , carbon ?last 5 years at most !

  6. this shows isn’t rly about the information it’s just an old guy waffling on about is it right for what your ridding! 🤣( I would personly choose carbon a lot stronger lighter material maybe more expensive but worth it)

  7. Black Country Lad December 5, 2020 @ 8:11 pm

    Please can we have a review of the Great British Orange brand – May be a factory visit and tech talk with development guys.

  8. Pity that there are no steel mountain bike frames around. Reynolds tubing is quite light AND flexible and can be welded easier if it breaks.


     Also, it’s the riders weight that makes up most of the total weight. Just eat less.

  9. Collected my carbon framed, Bosch powered, 2020 e-mtb today thanks to EMBN. Started looking at a 1500 Euro Halfords Carrera six months ago and ended up with a Cube Stereo 140 after Subscribing to this channel …………. my Mrs. could strangle Chris and Steve !

  10. Why is steve wearing frankie Howard’s wig.

  11. I’m getting a levo comp aluminum, also getting a stumpjumper aluminum. I have a carbon stumpy now and I think carbon feels better, but i have cracked 3 carbon bikes and for piece of mind i want bikes that lasts through crashes.

  12. But what about steel frame or enduro ebike frame witch1 is best for heavy weight rider?

  13. No one really needs carbon and it is "special waste" you can not recycle it !

  14. Wood 😏

  15. There was great episode on podcasts about this

  16. I’m a big chap and cracked many aluminium frames, always at the welds cos I like to thrown the bike round the corners, so went to Carbon as there are no welds and it’s torsion strength is better. As long as you get added protection for the down tube and get a brand who knows what they are doing with carbon I think it’s better than aluminium for ebikes as when you add a motor and battery to the mix I think the welds in aluminium would be put under too much torsional stress.

  17. Oioi deaks

  18. I prefer a threaded bottom bracket, saving money. Therefore, being a heavier rider too, my choice is aluminium frame.

  19. Carbon fiber is an environmental nightmare. Fancy plastic, but much worse…

  20. We went with Specialized Levo’s, one Comp Carbon and one Turbo Expert. For my wife and I the weight did make a difference because we ride to and from home to the trails without any motor assist as a little bit of extra cardio. And when you are climbing grades even in a paved bike lane a little lighter is a help when you are talking about a 46lbs bike.

  21. The average Joe doesn’t care as it’s all about affordability, I love my normal carbon options, but an E-Bike, what’s the point of carbon when you have a motor, not being rude but is this not a pointless video, similar to a previous off, "how to wheelie an e-bike" you’ll be reviewing E-mtb helmets next.

  22. Never again would I pay extra for carbon,the only component I have in carbon now is the bars..that’s one area carbon can help with comfort.

  23. Accidental damage while transporting it is a big difference. A Carbon frame could be structurally bad if damaged with a dent like hit in a critical place where as aluminum will just dent and not be compromised most likely . So is more durable in a crash on the rocks when it lands.

  24. I prefer aluminium, because of better heat conduction and dissipation. Electric motors and batteries can run pretty hot.

  25. Carbon for the clean non welds for me so smooth!

  26. You forgot to mention, that carbon gives you shape options you cannot make out of aluminium…..

    I like the plastic sound of my carbon bikes… and I love the feel of a carbon bar. Never an arm pump…

  27. My cube has carbon front and alu rear triangle! Where is your God now???

  28. Doesn’t really help with a choice, sitting on the fence.

  29. Titanium for the win😂

  30. David Pinnington December 5, 2020 @ 8:52 pm

    Ti all the way

  31. Steel for me great flex

  32. Carbon is too fragile won’t buy a carbon bike again they just can’t take knocks and damage when you take a spill

  33. I’m crap and crash too much for carbon.

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