What makes a WorldSBK Superbike? With Pata Yamaha Racing director, Paul Denning & the YZF-R1

What makes a WorldSBK Superbike? With Pata Yamaha Racing director, Paul Denning & the YZF-R1

We catch up with Paul Denning, Pata Yamaha’s team principal to get some insight into the anatomy of a WSBK Superbike.

From the lightweight carbon replacements to the legalities of what they are allowed to change on the engine, this gives us a little inside info.

Special thanks to Yamaha, WSBK and HMCA.

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  1. I had the great pleasure of driving the race truck for Paul for a few years during the British Superbike Time. Both Paul and his father John are truly gentleman, Sadly I was a little old when I started but loved my time with them. Good luck for 2020 Guys.

  2. Is it yzf r1 or r1m as stock?

  3. I like the sticker "SEMAKIN DIDEPAN"

  4. I thought that the superbikes were more like slightly modified stock super sport bikes. But from a 20 thousand euro to 150 there are a lot of mods which i never imagined they actually do, and the weight difference is mind blowing.

  5. Rinto Proboresky December 15, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    Very detailed 👍

  6. I don’t know a lot about motorbikes, I think your presenting for the wrong channel mate

  7. Very good and informative video, great to see the teams take part in things like this.

  8. theonlyredspecial December 15, 2020 @ 9:38 pm

    very insightful – wealth of info in it. considering you said you didnt know much about bikes, the questions were pretty good.

  9. Bet anyone ordering the factory bits, get a note back from Yamaha saying it’s back ordered ….and you never get it.


  11. I am wondering how is the track tyres different from the street tyres


  13. Nice bike

  14. Yamaha is truly the best. My R1 goes so hard I am amazed at it everyday.

  15. How do they tune the engine of a road legal R1 that produces 200bhp to a WSBK bike that produces 240bhp ?

  16. I work for an Italian company that is a supplier (test equipment) to Magneti Marelli. It is exicting to think that maybe some of our products test the ECU for this bikes.

  17. Get me my tissues…

  18. Yamaha R1M and a big big PATA logo :))

  19. Motogp bike is much better… And faster..

  20. Damn should of gone with Yamaha.. Suzuki literally need to catch up

  21. 240 is aaaaaaaaaaaalllloooot of power…🔥

  22. Masih ada tulisan YAMAHA SEMAKIN DI DEPAN

  23. Interesting stuff well explained. Thanks!

  24. Wow….

  25. 5 sec advantage is a lot
    caz after 5 laps it becomes 25 sec difference

  26. i still don’t really get how they get 50 extra HP out of the engine, fkin witchcraft!

  27. The front fork and rear shock cost more than a standard biker?? Wow

  28. Completely and totally awesome! I am building a model of this bike right now, and love your detail shots and information. Thank you!!!

  29. How beautifully he described every detail. I havent seen any other video from competitive racing teams to give out such information. Imagine having all the jewellery this bike on the road going version just weight 152 kg or so damn. I wonder how fast is this bike compared to moto gp factory machines. The power figures are close and the weight as well

  30. The only flaw this bike has got is Jonathan Rea. Beautiful machines.

  31. Thank you, Mr. Denning!

  32. So more power and less weight and tighter tolerances.

  33. 240 or 214 hp in didint get that

  34. 150k for heavily modified r1m…. 240hp. Jeeze


  36. Port polish head work with high end special exhausted = HUGE POWER !

  37. laverty didnt need any crecent tuned magnetti marrelli

  38. Make it faster for straits.

  39. this have 340kmph top speed but Yamaha MotoGP bike struggling for Top speed. i know Motogp M1 have better top speed then this but still .

  40. zzgixxer zzgixxer December 15, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    $30k+ in suspension…….this is definitely the best video I have ever watch, where explaining in detail, and some of the secrets that you do not hear any of the factories say or mention about their bikes.
    this is a great video. thank you for sharing it.

  41. I can’t believe that he boasted of a power/weight of 1.3, and compared it to high-performance cars, when adding a rider will increase the weight about 33%. Cars are not as affected.

  42. Did he say 214hp or 240hp?

  43. Portimao track🇵🇹🇵🇹

  44. the best video about the superbike setup ive seen so far!!!! thank you !

  45. Thanks Street FX for the pertinant questions and big thanks to Denning for the amazing in depth answers !
    Great video !


  47. Exceptional work fella

  48. Just the suspension costs more to a stock r1😎

  49. Campions razgatlıoğlu

  50. Tuning the head or combustion chamber?? Ok. How?? Not real sure what he means because he doesn’t explain

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