What to Know Before Buying an Ebike: Chargers, Batteries & Frames

What to Know Before Buying an Ebike: Chargers, Batteries & Frames

More information on eBike v4.2 can be found at https://mysuperebike.com/
I supply a Parts List and a Video Guide to help DIY people build their own powerful eBikes for only the cost of parts!
To order a completed eBike, shoot me an email directly at Ladi@mysuperebike.com

Price of CyberBike (completed): 6,800 Euro
Price of eBike v4.2 (completed base model): 5,000 Euro
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Special thank you to our Executive, David Řezáč, for supporting this video!
CyberBike Specs:
– 27kW peak power
– 3,2kWh battery
– 3kW built-in charger
– 120km/h max speed (75 MPH)
– Range over 100km (60 miles)
– Custom 3D printed panels (any color you want)
– Weight: 86kg (189 lbs)

eBike v4.2 Specs:
– 13kW peak power
– 2,2 kWh battery
– 1,6kW built-in charger
– 100km/h max speed (62 MPH)
– Range around 80km (50 miles)
– Regenerative breaking
– Weight: 62kg (136 lbs)
We use the Original Prusa I3 MK3S for 3D printing. Prusa has been an avid supporter of what I’m trying to achieve with these eBikes. Thank you Prusa for supplying us with these printers; I couldn’t be happier! https://www.prusa3d.com/
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  1. Jaroslav Vančura December 8, 2020 @ 9:06 pm

    pátrám po tvých videích o stavbě kola v češtině,kdyby aspon titulky byli česky, ale oni jsou v angličtině,ale chápu to čechy sou moc malej rybníček(mzslím co se kšeftu týká)

  2. What kind of motor controller does this use?

  3. Can you show this charger. Because thys is very interesting 3K W charger. I’m have DIY charger 84v 8A charge my battery +/- 4hours . you charger 1hour wery fast.

  4. Hi Budy !
    Great ebike you have build.
    Take a look at my project : https://youtu.be/97x0pNKMTks

  5. That’s the next thing i need is a small 52v 12-15a charger, That would be lovely a full charge would be 2-2.5hours that’s pushing the cells abit (9p Samsung 35e) anyone know any compact charges?

  6. What type of batteries are you using? Also what sort of onboard charger?

  7. Mountains - by Christopher P. December 8, 2020 @ 9:13 pm

    Hi Ladi. How much does the battery life decreases with fast charging?

  8. I have a question about charging with such an immpact. Doesn’t it affect lifespan of battery that much? If u charge it faster, you must use higher current, and most of the times Lithium batteries dont like such a behaviour. What are your experiances?

  9. Very good. From Colombia.

  10. What Cell type do you use? Even high quality Sony VTC6 cant handle that 27kW at a size of 3,2kWh.

  11. I’m jealous of the beautiful scenery where you stay and the places you can ride the bike,I stay in Scotland and you can only ride a 250w E-mountain bike on the street with a 25kph limit.🚴👍💯

  12. I can’t wait to have mone made and ordered !!

  13. When I buy such an ebike can you built a Switch witch makes the bike legal( 250 watts and disables the throtl)

  14. Ive said it before and ill keep saying it. My stealth bomber was great and all but it really opened up my eyes for a DIY build. i plan to do a DIY build on the FUTR alpha soon

  15. Hey Ladislav, just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching your videos and I was wondering how I may be able to contact your friend in NY that is able to build an Ebike for me?
    I want to have a Dual Hub built for riding on the streets of NYC and can HALL ASS on a straight away.

  16. Hi I wish I watch your video before buying I bought nyx Frame and I bought a battery but it’s a little bit bigger Battery is 112
    Opening 108 it’s 4 mm different do you think it’s okay to squeeze it battery in please 🙏🏽

  17. are those completed ones I can buy street legal and in which countries (I’m interested in use of those in EU/CzechRepublic) ?

  18. Ahoj Ladislav, sledujem ta uz nejaku chvilu kedze mas skvely kontent a know how. Chcel by som sa ako lajk opytat jednu otazku. Planujem si kupit moj prvy skladaci ebike ktory sa ale normalne predava iba v USA, je vsak moznost si ho nechat doviezt aj do europy. Niesom si vsak isty ako to je z dobijanim takehoto ebiku kedze v USA maju tusim 110v zasuvky oproti nasim 230v(?). Vedel by si mi mozno nejako poradit?

  19. 27kw motor 3kwh baterka? to k sobě nějak nejde ,D Vím, že ten peak je na 20s ale i tak účinnost toho motoru když jede třeba na 1kw je jaka prosímtě?

  20. Jaký je název té rozhledny prosím?

  21. Josh Street Design December 8, 2020 @ 9:34 pm

    All this talk about fast charging but you don’t mention what charger you’re using! lol

  22. Fantastic 🚵great Job🚵 Genius

  23. Hi I have a Victor vortex I love some of the things you are doing on your bike and would love to purchase how can I get in contact with you ?

  24. goProBikes GoProBikes December 8, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    *Great job but how much does this bike cost?*

  25. Is the 6,800 euros for a completed bike ?

  26. If you designed the Cyberbike how do you explain the bike is exactly the same as the Vector Vortex from vectorebike.com ?

  27. Where can I pre order

  28. You are an amasing youtuber!

  29. Pecka 👍

  30. At 6:14 you say your bike has a 3kWh Charger, don’t you mean 3kW? Nice bike btw!

  31. A123 lifepo😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  32. While I agree with Ladi one has to keep several points in mind:
    1) Typically you get 5-6 amps max charger for the average 10S to 14S batteries and often they are pretty expensive.
    2) Charging at higher current often requires pretty specialized setups such as using a high-power step-up converter plus a server power supply, a modified power supply or simply a controller with external coil (I guess Adapto provided such a thing) plus a beefy power supply as well.
    3) Many standard 18650 packs (even 5p to 6p setup) do not allow too high charge current because this will degrade the lifetime of the cells. Exampe: I have a 14s5p battery with Samsung 35E cells which allows 2 Amps charge current per cell which translates to 10 Amps max charge current for my pack without going over the specs given by the manufacturer.
    10 Amps at 58V peak voltage translates to something like a 600 Watt charger. Just as an example.

  33. gr8t Job Vladi! thnx… i hope im able to order soon =)

  34. Nice,you are one of the best ebike builders I know of 💯👍👍😁

  35. Kersey Arceneaux Alejo December 8, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    hi!ladi im from the philipines.iwant to have that kind of bike.im just a average employe.i wanted to save money coz i always commute i want to be practical.to save money.can you pls help me thks.

  36. Make a video how to make a fast charging ebike!

  37. Is e bike Street legal and what do you think about greyp g12s?

  38. How can I go about getting a faster charger?

  39. More van conversions video please

  40. Can you design a folding ebike?

  41. Awesome bike!!! Great design!!! Maybe one day!!! 👍🇨🇦🚲

  42. Got to tell you, you have the best made eBike videos on YouTube, nobody else comes close to the production quality or generaldetail. If your commercial build video is anything like the high quality of your channel, take my money 💰👍⚡👊

  43. Excellent video! It would be lovely if you had a summer school work shop !! Many people would attend. A great one or two week holiday with a teacher and hands on experience !!
    "Build and Buy your ebike "

  44. How do we contact you to buy an e-bike?

  45. Dude, you are awesome 😎

  46. I’ve been considering for a good while now building my own eBike v4.1/4.2 myself with the help of your video guide & parts list, but i have a couple questions.
    *1-* I’ve never done this before, so is it really beginner friendly or should i rather buy it already built and if so where can i order?
    *2-* Does the part list include *all* the tools required to build the eBike or only the eBike parts ?
    Thanks alot 🙂

  47. How do you get an hubmotor to Produce 27 kW and were can I buy one

  48. Good bike. 💪

  49. Zdravím, jaká je nosnost stroje ?

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