What To Wear For Cycling: Loose Vs Lycra Clothing

What To Wear For Cycling: Loose Vs Lycra Clothing

You don’t need lycra or special kit to go for a bike ride. In fact you don’t need to look like a cyclist at all, and the best cycling clothing is what makes you feel comfortable and confident. But what about dedicated sports fabrics with performance cuts and designs?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. fat people will stsy away from lycra tights

  2. I liked it but it was way too much an ad

  3. Yeah, in our “modern” world it’s uncomfortable to differentiate between men and women. *sigh*

  4. Two WANKERS too many

  5. Global Cycling Network December 27, 2020 @ 10:01 pm

    Lycra or baggy, or somewhere in-between? What’s your go-to for cycling?


  7. With my physique… always baggy. Unfortunately, with my physique, the baggies look like lycra.

  8. Do the people around you a favour and stay away from skintight pants.

  9. the reason why i dont like to wear a cycling short because my testicles would be to obvious

  10. I ride a mountain bike, and wear lycra padded shorts or bib shorts under lightweight cargo shorts, and a semi fitted, wicking t-shirt. And usually a back pack to carry my essential tools, tubes, eats and drinks.

  11. I just go naked for extra aero dynamics, zero chaffing

  12. • ᴅ ɪ ᴡ ᴀ ꜱ ʜ • December 27, 2020 @ 10:09 pm

    3:43 kinda got me laughing 😂

  13. I prefer wearing cycling jerseys as I sweat more than a normal person. Even in a slow motion walking I sweat a lot. While my jersey on it is like I don’t sweat at all. Of course I sweat but it evaporates and I don’t get wet.

  14. When I was a teenager I cycled to school everyday for 6 years in a skirt!

  15. Why dose it matter how fast your going why is everyone in a rush why can’t you just go out for a relaxing ride and enjoy the scenery

  16. Karrimor running top, adidas trackies tucked into my socks, pair of cheap sunnies and a Swiss military surplus alpenflage camo cap. Nothing else will do and everything else looks like wank.

  17. Pwede po kaya hindi magkaterno ang jersey at shorts?

  18. I wear a tank top and shorts because I can and I’m not paying for Lycra.

  19. 5:56 Simon got that BBC genetics! 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Love the straps on the outside moves! Great that even though you guys are serious cyclists you don’t take yourselves too seriously!

  21. Thelonious Breskin December 27, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    4:04 more of si than I ever thought I’d want to see…

  22. I guess if lycra wasnt so goddamn expensive i would use it. Takes less space in the saddlebag and dries faster so it would prevent a soggy return home after a hard days work.

  23. Why can’t you all wear just shorts and a shirt, you’re not in a race for the championships. I don’t feel like risking you flashing your balls in our faces

  24. I were lycra shorts but a regular sports t shirt… Why? Because I’m not as slim as I would like to be

  25. I see dudes every now and then wearing bibs over a thin under layer shirt and it looks fine. All depends on the flex!

  26. I always think of the Seinfeld bit when George argued with his parents about bras being made from Lycra Spandex.

  27. like purely for the bib on the outside <3 phenomenal. A new fashion trend

  28. Quick drying t-shirts & outdoor pants that convert to shorts, no helmet, sunglasses, backpack…300+ miles per week.

  29. Doesn’t matter what you wear, just get out and ride.

  30. Women’s cycling clothing is a whole other world of humiliation if you’re bigger than a size 12 (UK).

  31. The problem with Lycra is that often people have bad style. Often is I see people wearing team tops and brightly colored tops with to much going on.

  32. are they serios or ironic about looking great in cycling clothing? i think that`s the biggest turn off for me when it comes to road cycling

  33. T-shirt and rowing trou all day!

  34. The one who wears casual on a bike ride (me), would not notice the aero advantage. Lycra shorts, relaxed fit jersey.

  35. Anything that is 100% cotton will do.

  36. I’m cool with ppl thinking I’m a poser. If the alternative is to wear that shit I’ll be a poser forever.

  37. Kinda bugs me that they stay away from the issue of BUDGET. Good cycling lycra gear will be costly.
    I was against lycra early on and would wear MTB shorts and a t-shirt every time I rode my road bike. But the more I got hooked on cycling the fitter I became and didn’t worry so much about crossing over into the lycra world. For hard fast long bike rides on a decent bike lycra is ALWAYS the way to go. If anyone says differently they’ve either never tried it or are too embarrassed about their body or – don’t want to pay a pretty penny for real cycling clothing. I mean who wants to slog around in bulky damp nasty "baggies" when they’re out cycling on the road for hours on end?

  38. queation: Who is she and why is she riding Ollies Orca aero????

  39. Baron Dick Von Shagnasty December 27, 2020 @ 10:45 pm

    There is a bit of snobbery I’ve noticed with what you wear, the hardcore never a return a hello if I’m not wearing non peloton spray on Lycra lol just an icy stare from behind aerodynamic shades 😳

  40. I only wear the finest Gucci fits. Drip or drown.

  41. Casual is good unless you are professionally racing. Tight spandex clothes with big ass fonts and logos make y’all look like fruit cakes.

  42. Shoulder straps on out side what are you an Olympic wrestler

  43. Tight doesn’t look good at all

  44. Safety yellow sweat wicking shirts from Hanes…like two for $10. Loose and baggy cycling shorts (padded) from Amazon..around $25 each.

  45. 7:05 damn that’s so hot

  46. Tight clothes make you look like a stick

  47. i think the best clothing is what you are comfortable with. comfort first, looks second 🙂

  48. Phoenix Alexander December 27, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

    I don’t wear Lycra because I’m insecure about my weight 😂😭 I’m 195 at 6’ and not all of that is muscle. I did 20 miles today (pretty impressive for the 2 mile radius that my parents give me) hoping to do 3 – 500 by the end of the year… next year 1000 (basically from my house to Tijuana, I live in Seattle) just got a road bike 2 days ago and I love it

  49. Dinner-fork tongue December 27, 2020 @ 10:51 pm

    No matter what fancy synthetic fabric you wear, you’ll NEVER be faster than "Tiozinho da Barra Forte". So I don’t bother, I use what wicks sweat and can carry stuff.

  50. Some people get irritation from synthetic fabrics.

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