Why You Should Invest In A Cycling Jersey

Why You Should Invest In A Cycling Jersey

If you’re new to cycling you might be interested in cycling jerseys, but are they actually worth the money? Maybe you’re self conscious about wearing tight fitting lycra whilst riding a bike, or maybe you’re unsure what type of jersey you need? Well there is a myriad of reasons why you should consider wearing one. In this video Conor explains all you need to know about road cycling jerseys.

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Do you ride in a cycling jersey or do you prefer a baggier casual top?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Yes, but who exactly are you racing… In your jersey? I don’t have any chaffing in my t shirt.

    Am I still a cyclist if I don’t where a jersey

  2. Others: That’s a nice shirt
    Me: Thanks! It has pockets!

  3. What ever happened to 3/4 zip jerseys? I don’t love full zips, open and dangling, hard to close when moving. Am I the only one who misses the old style?

  4. I’d say helmet and then shorts are most essential. The jersey doesn’t make the list for me. I can even do flats if that is the option, otherwise I’d say shoes over a jersey.

  5. I never wear a jersey cause I feel like they look dumb

  6. I notice that wearing expencive Jersey make people feel like pro but are the same people going 2 kph uphill. I guess I keep wearing my running shorts and tshirt, am not really going to any race nor wants to be a pro to be wearing all that fancy clothing.

  7. Alexander Liffers February 28, 2021 @ 9:51 pm

    The main problem I have with cycling jerseys and their price is that isn’t about the price of one, but rather the price of six, and six sets of shorts, for commuting five days a week, and a weekend ride. Washing midweek is hard due to a hectic work schedule, which the commutes provide a mental break from, but at quite to cost. Just to clarify, I like commutes to be fast and at least 15km one way so more casual clothes do get uncomfortable. Still searching for that middle tier of cheaper and good enough for 30km, times five, then the fancy kit for a couple hours or longer know the weekend. Any suggestions?

  8. SackofSadKittens February 28, 2021 @ 9:53 pm

    im too fat

  9. a (non-cycling) friend swears the only reasons I took up the sport was to shave my legs and wear lycra with less embarrassment than before

  10. back in the days when I was 16 (many many years ago 1968) I started racing in an Army team … my mum thought it would be a good idea, and knitted me a woolen jersey with a 6 inch zip and pockets on the back … got the plan & idea from watching racing on TV … needless to say I didn’t wear it (a bit itchy) except to try it on for size … but that’s how mothers support their sons 🙂

  11. The biggest difference I noticed was that cotton absorbs seat and keeps you wet after the ride and synthetic dries quickly.

  12. Dominik Loeffler February 28, 2021 @ 9:56 pm

    I’ve started wearing sleeveless jerseys. More airy, more tan. But why are so few of them on the market? (I love my Nalini Grenoble but had to import it from Germany)

  13. No I don’t wear a Jersey because I am not a wanker

  14. Global Cycling Network February 28, 2021 @ 9:57 pm

    What do you like to wear cycling?

  15. The best fit and the most comfortable ride is the Castelli San Remo skin suit. The way it is tailored, most people do not even realize that it is a one-piece garment, and they do not see me as too dedicated 🙂 Yet, its aero properties are outstanding. Even on lazy solo rides (that would be something like 200W normalized power), it makes me noticeably faster than a regular kit.

  16. As a fat dude, skin tight jersey is a
    no – no.

    Fak me , I’m not going to reveal my man boobs to everyone.

  17. Spoiler Alert…… If like most cyclists beyond a certain age and the last time you were 75Kg you were about 13/14: years of age DONT waste your time watching this video.

  18. LOL in cycling text = Lycra on Line. A big advantage of lycra is, you can peel it off, chuck it in the washing machine on quick wash setting, out on the line and it’s dry in next to no time. Or, if it’s raining, put it in the airing cupboard.

  19. I do own Cycling Jerseys, but all of them are too long. I have broad shoulders and do hit the gym for my upper body – this means even if it is stretchable that a few jerseys are just cutting into my arms and are too narrow on the shoulders – which means I will have to buy a bigger size than intended and therefore the jersey is too long. Pretty frustrating all in all

  20. Its the “ah ah ah” for me

  21. I’m too embarrassed of my weight to wear a jersey

  22. Rondel Jay Carena February 28, 2021 @ 10:06 pm

    i’m a beginner biker. hope soon to be cyclist. and my first youtube channel i subscribed about cycling world are your channel. and i love it. interesting and educational content. Thank you for the videos about the beginner on biking!

  23. I always wear a cycling jersey when riding. I find a tight fit more comfortable, and as an added bonus it’s more aero.

  24. I ride in baggy shorts no shirt and Nike Air Force 1 shoes

  25. 7:11 A dry boy is a smart boy.

  26. What do you do it you have man size arms?

  27. What if you’re commuting to work, do you use cycling shirts and change once you’ve arrived? Do you even have time to change once you’ve arrived? Or just commute with your work clothes on? This is for those who use bikes as a mode of transportation for work or for school

  28. For me I’m a big guy. 6’3 and 240 lbs with a belly. Jerseys don’t look good on me LoL. I normally wear dry fit shirts due to my belly. I am very self conscious.
    Can anyone give suggestions?

  29. Easter Sundae Cavity February 28, 2021 @ 10:13 pm

    I remember seeing something somewhere, kinda like a jacket, but its surface entirely reflective. I kinda want one for when I commute at night. Gonna go out looking like the sun on the road.

  30. Please keep in mind that 99% of us do not race bikes and don’t care as much about every gram or extra drag,

  31. What about ordinary people riding ordinary bikes in ordinary clothes. Similar to your last video about commuting when you were all on expensive racers, pretty daft really. I like the way the Dutch treat cycling, just people on bikes rather than cyclists. I’d rather have safe cycle routes and encourage more people cycling than an expensive jersey any day

  32. I think this channel does not know what the word "invest" means

  33. First jersey was a Bianchi in pink, then expanded selection through a few retro team jerseys (Peugeot, Brooklyn) then from different events and sportives. Now it’s a mix of plain jerseys and club kit.

  34. I would but I’m a pie 5’5 and 57kg let me burn a few kg of fat before I get a Jersey

  35. just wear swimming suit and youre done

  36. I’m not buying a GCN Jersey … Nice try guys

  37. Get a bright jersey that catches your eye… new GCN kit is black lol

  38. Is it odd to wear a very tight fitting jersey under a long sleeve thermal jersey (Castelli Puro 3) instead of a short or long sleeve base layer? I have considered this as most of my dri fit shirts are too baggy and long to really fit under my top layer jersey (usually castelli puro 3) in colder weather.

  39. sausage

  40. I really miss the 5 pockets on my old wool jerseys.

  41. cotton t-shirts and tubular tires for training, silk tires and jerseys for races. wool shorts with real chamois leather. it’s not the bike, it’s the rider that counts.

  42. It’s easier to breath with baggy t-shirt than with cycling jersey as I can use my diaphragm. Welcome to world of not so lean people.

  43. For me nothing beats a good tight fitted merinos wool T-Shirt.
    It’s breathable dry fast and is less stinky than synthetic fabric especially for multiple days bike packing trip
    I replace the pockets with two small waterproof belt bags (yes I’m also in the no bib short Team even for really long rides😄)

  44. I want to invest in a cycling jersey, but I need to lose a LOT of weight first. I tried telling myself my belly helps make me more aero.

  45. Some concern to trim down the tummy to look good. How about making sure a good match with any kind of bike?

  46. jersey is not an investment, it’s a cost! unless you are racing and winning money, then you probably could speak about investing in a better gear if it pays off

  47. I’m not thin so when I wear my jersey I’m striving to look better in that jersey.

  48. Are there some good cycling jerseys that still have pockets but aren’t as firm fitting as the ones the guys from GCN are wearing? I can’t quite pull one of those off until I lose about 10 lbs. 😉

  49. I personally prefer the pockets to store my phone and keys (phone essential for safety if something happens so I keep it with me), and also that the jersey doesn’t flap around in the wind. Just my main reasons for having a jersey… 😀

  50. I’d love a GCN thermal long sleeve, but they are never available, 😭

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