Will My Chain Wear Faster With A Smaller Chainring? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Bikes

Will My Chain Wear Faster With A Smaller Chainring? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Bikes

Will the small chainring of a Bosch motor wear my chain out faster? Is it worth waiting for a 2020 model Specialized Turbo Levo? Is my bike too heavy for tricks? Find out in this weeks Ask EMBN Show!

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Readers Comments (31)

  1. Chris, are you sure about the e8000 dropping power when shifting gears with the di2 system? I cannot say i’ve ever noticed this happening on my lapierre am827i ?

  2. I have the Merida eONE-SIXTY 900e and the Di2 gears are really good; very fast, precise shifting and gear selection displayed on the screen. You can swap both trigger shifters for the Shimano E6010 controls, which are push button. These are faster and easier to use, also allow you to change the screen display mode and look much sleeker.
    Whether or not you think Di2 is worth the money is a matter of opinion, of course. If youā€™re on a tight budget thereā€™s no doubt your money could be better spent elsewhere.

  3. I rode an e-bike in the rain, it was electrifying.

  4. pizzagorgonzola March 2, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    i would get the YT Decoy (the lowest specked one is around 3500 pounds)

  5. So if you go up a slope with a hub motor, the hub motor struggles.
    If you go up a slope with a mid motor, the chain struggles.
    So at worst you either smoke out your stator windings or rip apart your chain.
    Remember: overdoing it means walking back home.

  6. #AskEMBN hi, ive got a brand new Haibike fat six10.0, problem being that the chain has snapped Twice! within the first month. first chain standard SRAM with solid pins, second was Ā£58 SRAM top of the range with hollow pins that lasted about two revolutions(on flat ground, was not changing gears)! and broken the tooth off the crank when it went. Its a 12t system and i couldn’t find any other brands or e-bike specific chains for this. why do you think they’re breaking? and what would you do? return to Haibike?? try to upgrade and fix?? change bike…

  7. Second

  8. #AskEMBN
    Hi Guys, I’m wanting to order a YT Decoy but at 173cm tall I’m right on the boundary between their size Medium and Large, what are your thoughts on which size to order? whilst I’m trying to decide the availability date of the bike is getting later and later due to pre-orders. Many thanks!

  9. Love the channel guys , I know you dont do bike reviews but , wondering if you could at least pick out different geometry and suspensions for different terrain choices. Example I like this style for up hill I like this one for bike park stuff I like this one for bombing this one for tight turns ect.

  10. Another trick for dead hands , ergon grips and tilting the saddle back a degree or two , aligning levers with straight arms and fingers so your wrist is at the correct angle or slide seat back or forward , lots to try.

  11. With my ebike I kept damaging the smaller 13 t freewheels until i went with larger front sprocket and larger 16t rear freewheel.

  12. #EMBN Have there been ANY recalls on any eBikes that you know about? How many miles can you go before bringing an eBike in for service?
    Curious which eBike brands have the best warranty & have YOU ever had any issues where you had to bring the eBike in?

  13. An amazing episode

  14. Anyone else like me and rides it until it breaks? lol

  15. yay

  16. Hiya I have had a Bosch motor haibike allmountain 6.0 for a year and half and definitely think they eat chains, I use kmc 9 e chain and have never had a chain last more than 400 miles and that’s with really good maintenance.

  17. Hehe… A "normal" bike… Last year, the Dutch bought more electrics than any other bike category… Germans bought over one million electrics… A bike with "gears"? What?? (`Been riding w/assist near 20 years…) Do folks still use gears… for something… I guess they do! Sounds like yer referring to vintage/antique/retro "Poop-Mobile""-style pedal-only Grunt/Huff-and-Puff type bikes… Fun! Can’t forget those folks… still some around… I guess…

  18. justahappyfellow March 2, 2021 @ 10:26 pm

    Oof, you got to the question before I edited it to middrive! šŸ˜€
    Been seeing that most budget mid-drives share the same motors with the more expensive ones, but it’s usually the groupset & forks that differ in specs.

    A real issue I have with choosing my first eMTB is choosing between getting one for about 1800eur with a cheaper Deore 1-10 groupset and a Bosch CX motor, or one for about 2800eur with an 1-11 shimano XT set.

    Thing is, I could get an Sram X01 Ebike groupset for about 450eur. Bringing the total for the cheaper one to about 2200eur. Hence the question if it is a valid idea.

    Thank you for bringing up the question though!
    Much love from Sweden.

  19. Electric Mountain Bike Network March 2, 2021 @ 10:27 pm

    Remember to use the hashtag #AskEMBN when submitting your questions. Let us know below

  20. Which model levo are you taking about?

  21. Andrey Gulenko March 2, 2021 @ 10:30 pm


  22. This is one reason I minimize this by only using a roholf hub.

  23. Do you think FANJO O thinks an e bike with a battery on can’t be used in the rain?

  24. Hi what voltage and amp battery that will work on a 48v 1000w hub and would be good for range cheers guys looking forward to hearing back from you.

  25. Albert Franqui March 2, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    Buy 2 chains extra, cut at correct lenght so than every 3 or 4 ride swap chain time to clean and lube the chain and btw the sprocket and chaine wears out because the chaine, if i’m wrong plz tell me.

  26. My old 2016 Mondraker E-Crafty has a Bosch Performance line CX motor that drives a 14t chainring with an 8.65mm offset; this is a special part manufactured by Miranda and costs over Ā£90 alone to buy (from Dillglove Ltd) and it wears out ridiculously fast, so changing the transmission complete ends up costing a small fortune. I got so fed up with having to do this that I ended up buying a Merida e160-800 that has a Shimano E8000 motor with a 34t chainring as a replacement. This seems to be far more durable, and the e160-800 is a far better riding bike to boot…

  27. From my experience with large specialized kenevo chain ring (Brose motor) and small Trek Powerfly LT7 small chain ring (Bosch) – both chains last the same over the same terrain/conditions/mileage/cleaning regime. One thing to point out is that KMC do not recommend using strong degreasers or "chain washing machines with solvent" – see http://www.kmcchain.eu/MAINTENANCE

  28. Johannes Rƶhrl March 2, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    Hey guys! Love your show. You recommended to get a suspension fork with 20mm more travel to a user. Be aware that in most countries you the become the bikes manufacturer, so you will lose waranty and you are responsible when something brakes and you injure someone else because of that. Always ask the the manufacturer before you change parts and let him confirm via email or letter…

  29. chris seems so much more relaxed wo steve. steve seems like a nice guy but precise and intense. chris is more freestyle. it is nice to see him more relaxed when he flubs up with no steve to pounce on it. like them both but very different personalities.

  30. Can you help, my Bulls e stream evo 4 2018 mavic 5 brakes makes a rotor noise at 11 mph. I have changed the brake pads, had a bike shop try to adjust them but still makes the rotor noise! Any ideas, the rims are asymmetrical, do you think Iā€™m getting rim flex that rubs the pads???

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