Wing vs No Wing – Can a cheap aero kit produce downforce?

Wing vs No Wing – Can a cheap aero kit produce downforce?

Let’s find out which is faster – A car with no aero or a car equipped with an inexpensive DIY wing and splitter. Plus a word of warning for those of you who are planning to fit functional aero parts to your cars. ▼▼▼▼▼

Where to get these parts:
57″ Universal ABS Rear Wing

Two-part Polyurethane Foam

Honda Prelude Splitters by BEM

Colored Plastic Air Dam Material,229_Colored-Plastic.html

Air Dam Support / Landscape Edging

Quick Release Splitter Brackets

Stock Footage Credits:
Race Cars on Grid – Videvo
Royalty Free License

Engine – Videvo
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  1. I went the FULL diy route with having someone cut out a foam core for me and I cut out a spar hole, epoxied the two halves together (60" total) and fiberglassed it. I think next time I will just go the easy route and buy an eBay wing… It’s still knocked 3-4 miles per hour of my top speed so not really worth the effort.

  2. Damn this is really well made! It’s so informative and great to understand/watch. Thx for sharing! 🙂

  3. should’ve installed DRS

  4. Thank you, well done video with comparisons and good factual info. Also that oil point in the end was actually new to me and informative and maybe saved a bad day. Because of drag issues I was considering to concentrate most of downforce through floor and diffuser or maybe even full blown ground effect with venturi tunnels. At least in TA Modified Comp they are allowed, I know that in "lesser" series flat floors are usually banned. Also DIY active or at least semi-active suspension is on mind, latter being much lighter and cheaper. Being broke ass and hence low-hp car the concentration is on weight saving and low-drag high-downforce.
    Btw, isn’t plywood relatively heavy? How about fiberglass or sheet metal or aren’t they strong enough for front splitter / diffuser / wing / floor? Seen a lot people using plywood, easy to work with, but the weight..

    Oh, and why not race (almost) stock cars when I’m broke? Well, the point is not actually in racing more like toying around and designing building and selling. It’s simply not fun to make (almost) stock cars.

  5. Great Video.

  6. Big Aero, little turbo and try sump oil pan.

  7. Houston Speed Freaks January 29, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    Loved all the information! Very well put together video😁

  8. You deserve wayy more views

  9. Great video mate 👍

  10. What were your final fastest times before and after aero?

  11. Roger – we absolutely loved your video!

  12. Anyone else see the pushrods come out from under the back of the car?

  13. Some more background info for those of you who are curious – The wing is 57" between the endplates and was run at a 1 degree angle of attack as measured from the flat underside of the wing. The splitter sticks out 3" beyond the profile of the front bumper as viewed from the top, so it is pretty substantial. And yes, both are strong enough that I can stand on them.

  14. Great video. This demonstrates my thoughts on wings, on the street they are useless.

  15. Hi there, great video! Any pointers on stiffening the wing with the epoxy? I’ve got the same one and hate how flimsy it is. Is it as simple as drilling some holes and pouring it in? Thanks for the videos and your time!

  16. One more problem it look like riced

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