Winter E-Bike Gear Load Out | Cold Weather Cycling Accessories

Winter E-Bike Gear Load Out | Cold Weather Cycling Accessories

E-Bike Gloves, Jacket, Pants, Helmet, Mitts, Mask and more! Check out the picks for essential winter gear, and why it works.

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  1. Finally winter riding tips from someone other then a brit that thinks a little rain and mud equals winter

  2. Imagine a heat exchanger for your lungs. Store heat you exhale and reclaim it when you breathe in.

  3. Winter biking shoes – try rubber shoe or boot covers like Totes or Tingley. Grainger sells "overboots"

  4. Just use skiing helmet lol

  5. Rain pants made for noncyclists will break apart near the groin. I use Showers Pass rain pants. Those pants work better than anything else (Marmot, North Face) I’ve tried during nearly 10 years of daily commuting (through winters) in Pennsylvania. Ski goggles are essential at temperatures below freezing when going faster than 20 mph. Surprised you didn’t mention eye gear. For feet — I have previously used rubber overshoes over dress shoes to good effect, but lately I’ve been wearing waterproof leather boots made by Johnston & Murphy. They are dress boots that are completely waterproof— so long as rain pants are long enough to cover fully down past the ankle. Why carry a backpack? Backpacks just make my back sweat. Get a pannier pack from Arkel and everything inside the Arkel pannier pack (with bike messenger strap off the bike) stays dry and off the back.

  6. You sit on child bike… To small bike

  7. I suffer from cold hands and feet when I ride in cold weather. I bought a set of bar mitts a couple of years ago and LOVE them. Highly recommended.
    The only downside is you have to keep your hands in one position, on the hoods, so you can use the brake levers. You can ride with your hands on the flat part of the bars, but if you have to brake quickly you’ll never get your hands back in the bar mitts in time.

  8. Whenever I hear balaclava, my brain thinks baklava.

  9. Took my thumbs up back when i saw this @9:18 lol

  10. Andy Lee Robinson December 10, 2020 @ 9:41 pm

    I’ve ridden in -20 °C for long distances, and it’s an education… Need 3 or more layers of everything!
    Problem I found with a balaclava and glasses is that breath can go up behind the glasses and fog them up, so need something to seal off that gap – perhaps ski goggles would do the job, or a pipe for exhaust breath!
    I’m thinking about making a windbreak or fairing for my knees out of perspex attached to the frame or forks and/or with a shield on the handlebars to duck behind – reducing wind chill and rain spatter is a significant help.
    Binliners for temporary leggings and plastic bags for shoes are also useful for emergencies!
    Good mudguards are also essential – my front one throws water in front which would then blow back and soak me, so I made an attachment that catches the spray so it drips harmlessly out of the way – am designing a 3d printed version which I hope will work better.
    Heated handle grips with bar mitts and/or heated gloves are also useful options, especially with a decent capacity battery.

  11. Salt gets everywhere and I’ll often show up to work with road grit somewhere on my face from a big wheeler that kicks up a plume of slush essence. Anything leather gets funky after staying wet too long (including shoes).

  12. Visibility should also bei a big topic of avoid accidences with cars. So dark Grey ist perhahs not the best solution. I will try the bar mitts.

  13. Came for the tips; stayed for the superslick dance break.

  14. I got myself a full face helmet for riding in the cold weather to keep the wind and slush and snow out of my face and I use a pair of snow boarding pants. Other than that I just use a mid weight winter jacket and heavy winter gloves and always layer myself.

  15. Surely every cyclist knows how to keep warm in winter.
    The trouble I have is that my glasses steam up when using a baraclarva (no fun at all in freezing fog)

  16. Blue Monkey Lockin Yuh !🤸🏽‍♀️ Seen 2 ebikers with cut plastic bottles as hand wind blockers over the brake levers. gonna try it before buying anything. my work has cheap plastic yellow rainsuits that last a good few months before disintegrating ,they pay for it so.. and yellow is visible .Be Visible Yall!! ⚡❤i use a dry bag as it rains year-round here. Snowboarding helmets have the ear muff things built in too .i see em at goodwill constantly , there are arm warmers for 10$ on amazon , these actually also save your hearing . Wind is loud as Hell 💨💨

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