WORLD'S LIGHTEST ELECTRIC BIKE with a full-size frame: Ampler Curt

WORLD'S LIGHTEST ELECTRIC BIKE with a full-size frame: Ampler Curt

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cool gear we use while riding:
Our all-time fav helmet:
Another great helmet:
Gloves for extreme rides:
SUPER bright bike light:
Absurdly bright handheld light:
External battery for MacBook and accessories:
Still our favorite navigation device:
Another dope navigation device:
EVERY electric bike needs this seat post suspension:
Electric bike pump (because lazy):
Our daily bag for the last 5 years:
Our daily use electric bike:
Our daily use electric scooter:
Our daily use electric skateboard:

cool gear we use while filming:
Main camera:
Second camera:
Our favorite shotgun mic:
Lens we use for EVERYTHING:
Epic (and CHEAP) b roll lens:
Main action cam:
Second action cam (best choice for audio):
Main drone:
Second drone:
The gimbal of buttery smoothness:
Dopest camera bag of all time:

Readers Comments (33)

  1. I suggest to include in the title or description the price of the vehicle, so one doesn’t get angry, to have spent valuable time into looking at a thing that one can’t afford

  2. 10 kilo is light

  3. I can get a vektron fro 3.5k

  4. can it run without peddaling?

  5. How come the website doesn鈥檛 have the colour as yours ? Is it customisable? Updated review please . Its been two years hows it going.

  6. 29 pounds is the lightest bike? Ha! I guess that is why I ignore production and stick to the hand built bikes. This one was built in 2009 by an old guy in Switzerland and weighs 16.9 lbs, battery included. Oh and it’s a MOUNTAIN BIKE. No joke.

  7. Dork!

  8. I am seriously so impressed with your videography and video editing skills.

  9. I鈥檓 so jealous! How were you able to get this bike in North America? I would love to buy one, but alas in Canada it seems we can only buy heavy, ugly e-bikes.

  10. daaaaam that’s a poppin bike!!!! gonna an save up for dis but prlly not gonna be abel to get it until im 100 馃槀 cool review tho my dude.. would really like to see some more electric skatebords too tho!!!!!!!

  11. Only issue I can see is replacing the battery? Can you access it?

  12. Shawn Vega Velez November 29, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

    This is a great looking bike, but what justifies the $3k price?

  13. Most commenters completely miss the point of this bike. Its point is not to compete with those stupid huge, 80lbs motorcycle looking thingies with pedals that ride itself at 50mph. I mean why the f would anyone want a heavy motorcycle looking thingie with pedals that rides itself – get the electric motorcycle then (facepalm).

    This bike is mean’t for the people who want to ride it as normal bike or use assistance when going uphill, against heavier wind etc. or go to work in hot days without sweating like a pig. This bike makes riding easy with reasonable speed by making pedaling lighter.

  14. $3k? Bye.

  15. bullshit title there are far lighter ones on the market


  17. 29 pound is not light

  18. Great video!!! This bike looks really cool!

  19. Populou is pretty close to this weight but it fits 29 pounds it鈥檚 lighter by 5 pounds. And the populo feels like a good 350w even though it鈥檚 250 so it鈥檚 a close one it does have a higher top speed too.

  20. I think background too loud cover any motor noise or any noise .Has not descript any ride ..just saying good and awesome, isn’t enough for a review but just may be an introduction. Hope more details review for this again especially for the 3000+ asking price

  21. How did you get the silver Color?

  22. Amazing as always 馃檪

  23. Very nice looking bike, to bad they changed boost mode for the 2019 models to 25km/15mi, it s a bit slow, 35km/21mi boost was the sweet spot! Hope with a future update this will be integrated again.

  24. Can I get rim break instead of disc break ?

  25. Actually I need assistant 15mph and up not 0 to 15 mph . But the simplicity of the bike is stunning battery is camouflage

  26. 80’s Porn background music, bad. Price of that bike, stupidly bad. I thumbs up every vid to support your channel, however, that has to be the shittiest bike ive ever seen. 250 watt? 15 mph ? Totally useless. Good aye mate.

  27. Neat concept but let鈥檚 be honest 15mph is just stupid the average pedal bike for a average rider is 11 mph

  28. Nice review but two big mishaps 1: it can easely do 20 mph and the mottor is 450 watt limited to 350 watt in max stettings

  29. Lousy review…no info! What strength motor!?

  30. No no, steinbach are the lightest, and just on another level.
    Take a look. My dream e-bikes

  31. Any idea when this will be available in the states? This bike is a beauty! I鈥檇 like to upgrade from my rad rover to one of these!

  32. That is a beautiful bike. In a city we spend most of out time between 0-15 mph. Especially with stop and start and hills. Carbon belt , brooks saddle and it looks great. How about range for you. How far can you go?

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