Xtracycle eStoker Review – Long Tail Cargo eBike

Xtracycle eStoker Review – Long Tail Cargo eBike

A new addition for Xtracycle, the eStoker has 24″ wheels front and rear. It’s comfortable on and off the road due to it’s wide tires. This bike is a very capable eCargo bike whether you’re carrying kids, the groceries or both! Hope you enjoy the video.

More about the eStoker here: https://propelbikes.com/product/xtracycle-estoker/

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Nice specs but those welds look terrible.

  2. I’m sure it’s a great bike, but if you like this style of bike then why not get the Surly Big Easy? I think it has better styling and you get a frame that is actually a different size and doesn’t look silly on you.

  3. BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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